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  • Vicki L Hilker - Cidion hand crank grinder

    It grinds meat great but it will not stay in place, the suction is not there. I should have just bought one that you attach to the edge of the counter. The only way I can use this one is if my husband holds and I turn the crank. Ha Ha

  • J. Nixon - Not perfect, but looks great if you have patience

    Did this over a weekend, plus it needs about a week before you can use the tub safely. I knew this product smelled and had vapors and hoo boy did it ever! Had the bathroom window open and a house exhaust fan on, which saved the day. Bought this, some nitrile gloves, the recommended wet/dry sandpaper, and the nicest varnish brush they had. I didn't pour it out of the can to apply, I just dipped the brush in. You'll want no larger than a 2 1/2" varnish brush. I had a 3" because I thought it'd be easier and it barely fit and later had some issues with bristles bending on the side.

  • Levi D. - Best Investment for my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I bought these cross bars for my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I had a 2000 mile round trip planned and wanted them before I went. They arrived right before I left so I put them on, (took less than 10 minutes) loaded up my gear, (which was around 120lbs worth of stuff) and they worked GREAT! They are definitely the way to go if you're looking for a good deal when it comes to these cross bars. The quality is very durable, and they fit perfectly on the chrome rail system. The shippers were great to deal with, the shipping was fast, and I love my product. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

  • Carlylin - Smelling and feeling good!

    I have tried so many products in the past. I am always willing to try out something new and when I stumbled upon the Marrakesh line, I was quite impressed. It received good reviews and I thought I really had to try it for myself. I have naturally curly hair which has its own mind in this hot and humid summer weather. I desperately needed something to tame the frizz and I think this might do the trick. The smell of the product is wonderful - I love it. I am hopeful of some Marrakesh skin products such as moisturizers, hand creams and exfoliating treatments. Since I have only recently started using the product, I cannot give it five stars yet.