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  • Dano - ... these for my 2 year old and they are awesome! She is able to chew and swallow without ...

    I buy these for my 2 year old and they are awesome! She is able to chew and swallow without problems! I will continue to buy these for her. She got sick a lot her first year in daycare, but since starting these I have noticed she is getting sick less.

  • George Lewis Wise III - useless

    It came without the password for the CD and no code for the online portion. It was as useless as a brick.

  • D.B. Spalding - Only lasted 10 months, then died. Pfft.

    Bought in August, 2012, used regularly (and unplugged when not in use). After a few months, I found that I had to move AA and AAA batteries around from one "slot" to another to initiate charging, which seemed odd. It then started acting even more flaky and died in June, 2013 -- ten months after purchase! Returned the charger to Energizer for warranty service (bad decision), and only received $25 reimbursement. I should've gone to a local big box store, bought a new one, then returned the bum one in the same package. Maybe not the most honest practice, but I would've had a new, operating charger.

  • Kevin A. Ware - Works quite well in the right situation

    I used this product 10 or 11 years ago on my tub that was worn down and discolored and generally gross. I followed the instructionsn carefully and it looked absolutely fantastic for 8 or 9 years. Then a few spots chipped a little and started to get bigger. But otherwise it still looked bright white and solid. I just re-did that same tub to hide the chipped spots and rejuvinate the surface overall. The spots that had chipped had some problems sticking well again, so I probably should have sanded them a little more aggressively. But the tub looks good again (it doesn't look like smooth porcelain any more, but it looks just fine for normal use. It is a little rough / bumpy / rippled in spots, as if I just spraypainted a tub, but it is bright white and shiny and looks pretty enough to make my family happy for another 10 years I hope. And it costs less than $40.... Anything else you do to replace your tub will cost at least 20 times that. I would say if you put some hard work into the prep scrubbing and sanding, this stuff works fantastically well.

  • S. Heath - "Classic" as in "old", not "amazing"

    I was familiar with one or two, but was disappointed that they mostly just got to the heart of the longer and more colorful stories I'm familiar with. These are mostly a collection of summed up examples of consequences or lessons (ie. morals). I was expecting a little more pleasant reading, but most of the fables are about a paragraph long.

  • BsMom - Good music, wish it stood alone without a sensor!

    Great songs and fun to dance with but I wish we would have realized that it worked best with a kinect sensor, which we do not own. It is distracting to hold your phone and try to dance.

  • WordGameLover - Some great records, odd, enlightening and challenging!

    I buy this book every year for my twin nephews. They love looking through all the different records and pictures. Good buy for me and I think they really look forward to it every year!