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  • About USANA - Ask The Scientists - Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements and personal care and energy products
  • What changed in the Essentials/CellSentials formula? - Ask The Scientists - Nearly two-thirds of the ingredients in the CellSentials have had some modification to either the dose or form compared to what was used in the Essentials.
  • Am I going to feel different taking the CellSentials? - Ask The Scientists - At the end of a four week evaluation, there were significant improvements observed in 7 of the 8 areas evaluated through the SF-36® Quality of Life Survey.
  • Which Products Can Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Take? - Ask The Scientists - The products generally recommended during pregnancy or lactation are the Prenatal Essentials, BiOmega, Active Calcium and Vitamin D if needed.
  • Are the USANA products FDA approved? - Ask The Scientists - USANA manufactures its supplements in an FDA registered facility, and voluntarily follow the Good Manufacturing Practices required of pharmaceuticals.
  • Fish Oil vs Krill Oil - Ask The Scientists - For now, based on purity, potency, concentration, availability, and cost, using fish oil as the omega-3 source in BiOmega is a much better choice for us.

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  • Jarrett P. Schulz - Did not enjoy this bed at all!

    We did not like this bad at all. It was alright at first but quickly became very unsupportive. We both had sore backs and struggled to sleep. Gave it a full month before sending it back. If you're counting on the Amazon return policy, be cautioned that this product is terribly difficult to wrap and return.

  • timothy a kinney - Cozmo sick!

    I preordered this little guy and received it two days early. The setup instructions are simple and easy to follow. I played with Cozmo the first day which was a lot of fun. However, the second day I could not get Cozmo to connect to WiFi. I contacted customer service and they determined that the power adapter was defective and would mail me a replacement. In the interim they told me to plug the USB power cable directly to a computer which would charge Cozmo but take longer than the ten minutes using the charger. After several hours charging Cozmo still was not charged. My second call to customer service resulted in several holds on the phone and suggestions by them which did not solve the problem. I then requested authorization to return for replacement and was told they would call me back in 24 hours. I have spend over $600 on their other product (race cars) and have been completely satisfied with the product and customer service but was a little let down this time. Hopefully they will have a solution when they call back today!

  • Sacramento Shopper - Able to fit in my small car...

    I needed to fit three car seats in my Toyota Matrix. I had a four-year-old son when I unexpectedly found myself pregnant with twins. A new car was not in the budget, so I started my hunt for car seats that would work in my Matrix. I stumbled across the Clek line and after much debating over whether to get the Foonf or the Fllo, I settled on the Fllo due to it not impeding my line of vision when needing to see out of the back or rear windows. It does sit a tad bit lower than the Foonf enough that because I am short as it is already, I wanted every available inch of space available to see out of the windows for safety reasons. It does not recline, like the Foonf does and it does not have Rigid Latch. I thought I would be unhappy about those features, but in the end neither mattered. I couldn't use LATCH to install the seats because I got a better overall install using the seatbelt. I was able to puzzle two Fllo's next to a Harmony Defender successfully and keep my car! The one detail I dislike is that the cover is not removable. I understand the fabric has the ability to be a repellent agains liquids, but I like to throw my covers in the wash every now and then to get rid of crumbs and whatnot. Eh, for the price of being able to fit three across in my small car and have extended rear-facing, I guess it's a minor trade off I can live with.


    This is a terrible product, the only thing that works is the cloning feature. The cloud does not work on this, through numerous calls and emails, horrible tech service and language barriers/misunderstandings, hours and hours of wasted time. I was stupid enough to buy another copy for my home computer, and it cannot perform a backup from my 1Tb drive to a 2Tb drive, keeps coming up with errors. The "help" forum, is a full of arrogant unhelpful knowitalls that know nothing and are just jerks. I will be uninstalling this and Malwarebytes, which also used to be good, but they own them too.