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  • Georgiamomof4 - Lacking All Elements

    My husband, who really needs this, wasn't impressed. I think that maybe they should suggest that you buy two (can't right now because I'm watching my spending). It would help if no one else is in the house and no other TV is playing!

  • Nicole Brown - Believe the not-so-good reviews

    I have always loved T-fal cookware....until now. I spend a lot of time reading reviews before making purchases because I work hard for my money and want quality. I saw these reviews were very much love/hate but decided to try the cookware anyway based on never having a bad experience with T-fal products before. I was wrong. The majority of the items in this collection were perfectly fine, but all of the pots were dented on one side preventing the lids from fitting. Almost like they were all dropped on their sides and packaged up and sent out to poor unsuspecting buyers. Buyer beware with this product.

  • Edison - great oil for Lexus gear boxes

    Great for Lexus SUV transfer case and differential. I replaced both and noticed the differential oil was so bad after only 60K miles without towing. After all the oil changes, including engine oil and transmission fluid change, transfer case and differential oil change, that Lexus SUV MPG improved from 16.5 to 22.