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  • Phyllis - I like that I don't want to eat but choose to ...

    I am going to say first and foremost, I am not a distributor and I'm not going to put the name of my distributor on here so that you all can see I'm giving an honest review based on my experience. I have had this product two days and I am very sensitive to anything with stimulants in it is why I didn't buy a cheaper product. Now this does have caffeine, but it's less than a mountain dew soda. I haven't been jittery thus far. I take this with my biggest meal and Thermofit with the others and my appetite is hugely reduced. I really have only ate the last two days to live because I haven't craved or wanted anything. I like that I don't want to eat but choose to eat to be healthy and I've honestly made better choices. In the thermofit is an ingredient that apparently helps with pain and pain sensing nerves so I think it actually dulls hunger pains so you don't think you are hungry until your blood sugar drops and you actually need to eat. I'm giving this five stars for curbing this appetite.

  • Keith Perry - Don't waste your money

    I used this product religiously along with the Nioxin #2 pack to see if it would stop the thinning of my hair and potentially help regrow some. This product did not do anything at all except make my scalp red and itchy. While the product does say it will cause your scalp to turn red because it is an irritant, I wasn't expecting the terrible itch that followed.

  • lisa - Big Sexy Hair spray

    The cheapest place to find this product outside a beauty store and I needed a license to purchase! Great product. Doesn't leave your hair sticky or weighted-down. Also use the Big Sexy mousse.

  • Radio Buff - Who'da thought...

    I supervised a research lab. I oversaw the installation of grounding mats and grounded workbenches. Never did it occur to me that there is a health benefit. Now I sleep and work grounded and I'm spending a lot less on supplements. Who needs antioxidants if you don't have free radicals? I got into a discussion about earthing on another site. It drew a lot of knee jerk reactions about how it "just has to be a hoax"... morons! All of them! Being a moron is it's own reward! The book is based on enough research to satisfy me.