L'ejaculation precoce - L'ejaculation precoce -Contrôler son éjaculation et soigner définitivement l’ejaculation precoce avec notre traitement d’exercices naturels.

  • Retarder l'ejaculation: le traitement et les médicaments - Notre traitement contre l’ejaculation precoce s’étend sur 3 semaines. Il vous apprend á reprendre le contrôle sur l’éjaculation sans médicament. Les résultats sont permanents.
  • Témoignages sur l'éjaculation précoce - Nos membres expriment leurs avis sur notre traitement contre l’éjaculation précoce. Ils partagent leur expérience en temps qu’éjaculateur précoce.
  • Articles sur l'éjaculation précoce - Informez-vous á travers nos articles gratuits sur l’éjaculation précoce : les causes, les conséquences, les traitements et les solutions de cette dysfonction sexuelle masculine si courante.
  • Aide en ligne - Spécialistes du contrôle éjaculatoire, nous avons développé au service des éjaculateurs précoces un traitement naturel contre l’éjaculation précoce aux résultats permanents.
  • Les préliminaires pour durer plus longtemps au lit - Les avis divergent sur la durée des préliminaires qui précèdent le rapport sexuel lorsqu’on est éjaculateur précoce. Faut-il écourter ou mieux prolonger les préliminaires lorsque l’on souffre d’éjaculation précoce ?
  • Termes et conditions - Avant d’acquérir notre programme sur l’éjaculation précoce, lisez et acceptez nos termes et conditions.
  • Test diagnostic de l'éjaculation précoce - Pour diagnostiquer votre type et grade d'éjaculation précoce, faites notre test gratuit afin de trouver une solution permanente à votre trouble de l’éjaculation.

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  • Vickie H. Vila - It's a waste of money

    Provides NO protection at all! I had to have a local computer expert run a "Malware" product to remove a list of, least 36" long, of viruses.

  • The Wise Owl - Not the same...

    I used this product 10 years ago quite religiously. I recall being upset when the price went up and product amount went down so I stopped using it and fell in love with Boots Organics from Target. Unfortunately they discontinued my favorite moisturizer, so I came back to Perricone. Though I got a nice deal here on Amazon, I won't be buying it again. Upon my first application, I too was turned off by what seems like much more fragrance than I remember. The rose scent used to be faint and tolerable. It's very overpowering now and lasts the entire day. After a week or two, my chin broke out in large inflammations. Something I had not experienced in the past with this product. I can't tell you why, but I say that I'm not so sure that DMAE is all that it's praised to be. I wonder too if the formula changed. I'm sorry to say that I'm not a fan anymore. I'm back to Boots at 14.00 a jar.

  • Marleen Schlottman - If you love sweets

    Very tasty deserts. A marvelously smart idea of sweets for the kid inside of us all.. Wickedly good for the tastebuds.

  • Charles Bray - DeLorme Earthmate on a notebook

    I purchased this product as a gift for my techno-challenged brother-in-law. We installed it on his HP notebook that is running Windows 7 and plugged in the gps antenna. It took approximately 15 minutes for the initial acquisition of the gps signal inside the house. Acquisition in his truck with the antenna on the dashboard is even quicker. Once satellite aquisition was obtained, I moved the antenna 3 feet away from it's original position and the map showed the blip moved, even only 3 feet of movement showed up on the map! He took the notebook and gps with him on a trip and he reports that everything works fine. He is able to obtain the current diesel fuel prices as he travels simply by stopping in range of a WiFi hotspot and letting the Earthmate access the internet. Most truckstops have WiFi now and this product works as advertised! I would recommend this product to anyone who travels with a laptop.