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  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/third-distalz-international-workshop-on-high-throughput-dna-sequencing-in-alzheimers-disease-resear/ Third Distalz International Workshop on High-Throughput DNA Sequencing in Alzheimer's Disease Research: DistalZ - On behalf of the Distalz management board, we would like to welcome you to the Third Distalz International Workshop on "high-throughput DNA sequencing in Alzheimer's disease research" that will take place on October 11 and 12, 2016 at the Lille University School of Medicine in Lille, France.
  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/conference-a-central-role-of-trax-in-the-atm-mediated-dna-repair-during-elevated-oxidative-stress/ Conférence "A central role of TRAX in the ATM-mediated DNA repair during elevated oxidative stress" - Le 13/07/2016 14h: DistalZ - Conférence « A central role of TRAX in the ATM-mediated DNA repair during elevated oxidative stress ».Salle réunion du Bâtiment BISERTE du Centre de Recherche Jean-Pierre Aubert (JPArc)- Mercredi 13 Juillet 2016 - 14hSi vous êtes une personne externe au JPArc, merci de vous inscrire auprès du Dr David Blum (david.blum[at]inserm.fr)
  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/pour-votre-information-un-cycle-initiation-a-la-bioinformatique-est-propose-par-bilille/ Pour votre information, un cycle "initiation à la bioinformatique" est proposé par bilille.: DistalZ - Ce cycle est constitué de quatre modules de deux jours:7-8 septembre 2016: Banques de données et BLAST / 24-25 novembre 2016: Alignements de séquences / 16-17 février 2017: Prédiction de gènes et annotation de protéines / 11-12 mai 2017: Initiation à la reconstruction phylogénétique en biologie moléculaireToutes les informations sont disponibles sur le site web de la plateforme de Bilille
  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/conference-la-creation-artistique-sous-loeil-des-neurosciences-le-26052016/ Conférence "La création artistique sous l'oeil des neurosciences" - Le 26/05/2016: DistalZ - Conférence « La création artistique sous l'oeil des neurosciences ».Amphi n°7 1er étage au Pôle Formation de la faculté de médecine de Lille - à 19h30.Cocktail d'accueil à 19h. Pour des raisons de logistique évidentes, merci de confirmer votre présence auprès de laetitia.coudert[at]inserm.fr

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  • WaRgarble - What's not to love? Who doesn't want a rear-end equipped with "friction-modified" ...

    It's LUBE, you put it in your rear-end! What's not to love? Who doesn't want a rear-end equipped with "friction-modified" lubricant?

  • Amazon Customer - It is alarm system like every other on the market but you can't beat pricing, trust me, I am alarm installer.

    I've been dealing with alarm systems as an installer for a while. I know the market pretty well and I know there is no major difference between brands or monitoring companies. All alarm systems work pretty much same way. Simplisafe is cheap, so that was the main reason I got it. I want to add few cents as some reviews and some issues described are just funny for me. Certain people expect thing you can't expect from specific product. I.e. Simplisafe will not be liable for malfunction. Of course, no company will. If you think you can go to ADT after having your house robbed and they will pay you for your losses, you are wrong. In fact when I asked Xfinity if they could provide me with reliable system, customer representative just said "no". So do not expect that. Also, most of sensors come with sticky tape for mounting. Do not depend on it. Use screws. Screws that are supplied are a joke. I couldn't tell what they could be used for. They are just tiny. Go to hardware store and get right screws otherwise your sensors may just fall off triggering alarm. Also realize that even though sensors are "pet safe" if you have a small pet sitting 5 inches from motion sensor it will trigger alarm. Remember also that for monitoring with internet and phone access big companies will charge you upward of $60 a month. Simplisafe is $25. So make sure you compare apples to apples. Someone said that when you leave door or window open system will not notify you. It actually will and I think it's a great feature that you can leave window open and still turn on the system. Useful in the summer. One thing I really don't like, comparing it to Honeywell Lynx, is that you can't name you sensors. It is possible in your online account so when you get text alerts you know which sensor it is, but not possible for home use. I am used to hearing "Garage door" when wife comes home. This system will just chime, but won't say which door or window. You just know entry sensor was triggered. I'm really disappointed because it is something that could've been done just with a firmware update. No extra cost to manufacture. Overall it is a standard alarm system and will do its job like any other alarm system. I wish the keypad was a little more advanced. No backlight for keyboard is an issue. I just started using it, so I will keep posted if anything goes wrong.

  • Tracy - 2013 was better for me

    Only one download allowed, have to use the website. Took forever to install, opens really slow on my laptop. A worse version than 2013, which installed fast, opened fast and had 5 downloads for the same price.