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  • jimbo - Works for Some, I Guess

    I used this for about a year and a half, convinced that my hair was growing back little by little. I finally realized, it wasn't. However, I knew it was a long shot in the first place as my thinning hair is due to age and not male pattern baldness. If you are going to try Rogaine, know that the usage information is not b.s. For men, it is only good for the crown of the head and only effective for younger and middle-aged men with male pattern baldness. Even then, it only helps a minority of those who try it, so don't get too excited. Also, if you are going to try it, make sure you take some photos of your hair before you start, so you can make an objective decision about continuing its use after the first few months. That might save you some money.

  • JStafford - Barbie Collector Doll Holiday 2012

    This Barbie is beautiful. Her dress is quite long. It is folded under to fit in the box. My daughter fell in love with this doll the moment she saw her! Her hair is movie-star beautiful. Her shoes fall the grand Barbie tradition.

  • Mr. Muh4kin ExQuire - I really did not like this phone

    I really did not like this phone. I needed a temporary loaner. I though that based on the advertising that this is only 60 bucks that it would be a few notches decent than the Tracfone. The posting of it's advertising data said that it could do much. Though honestly, I sent it back after it kept lagging on load, when you could barely install apps on it because despite it has 4.0gb it's only like a gig or so of it is usable. The camera was actually decent though. I mean for the price, it was responsive and well ok and took okay video. The phone's build though feels so hollow. Dual SIM I never got to test out but Im sure it worked. The phone is also indeed unlocked. 2.5 stars by me because I think my phone from 2013 can run better than this (that was like 120-130 bucks but also a nothing-special no brand made in china CPUs). So if that can still run better than this then there is something wrong.

  • Momof2 - Awesomeness

    Absolutely love these bats. By far my favorite Demarini bats. We have several of these. We also have one of each of the CF3, CF4, CF6 and A CF7, but the CF5's are my favorite.

  • AnnaKWB - Must buy!

    Easy to use; great way to keep your furniture clean and spot free. Definitely a big ROI for this product! If you have fabric upholstery, light cloth shoes, or any similar items, this is a must buy!

  • kits - Very compact yet works like a Pro-Style

    Too bad, I missed on this New Waffle Iron when I shopped for a Professional series waffle iron. I got Waring Pro WMK300 model which does EXCELLENT Belgain Waffles and has great reviews here. I saw this NEW Villaware model in a friends house and it works as good as the Waring Pro model and does better in looks. It's much more compact and looks styish in kitchen. Maybe, someday I will get this because I find the Waring Pro model looks very ugly after seeing this model or the Kitchen-Aid model(way too expensive but makes 2 Waffles at a time)!

  • Joseph Reeves - Great tool

    If you are looking for a good Wrench set at a great price this is it. This is not a snap on wrench set by any stretch of the imagination but for someone who only uses tools to fix things around the house one or twice a month this wrench set fits the bill perfectly.