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  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful case, wrong size

    I received the case and was super excited about it because the case looks amazing, it's very sleek a it just looks attractive overall... however, my one problem was that I was expecting to get an iPhone 7 plus case but instead I received a pretty small case, it won't fit my phone, so I will definitely be returning it, as I have no use for it, if you have any cases like this that are actually for the plus, then I will gladly take one of those as I love the look of the case

  • Iris - The glasses arrived super quick and arrived in perfect condition

    The glasses arrived super quick and arrived in perfect condition. I got my prescription lens done and i receive tons of compliments on them. Really happy with my purchase and the fact that i didn't have to pay $200+ for them elsewhere.

  • McSassypants - Lid is ill-fitting, leaky - very disappointing

    Pros: Lightweight, easy to carry (I was worried it would be too big for my small hands but it's fine), does great job keeping beverages cold, easy to clean.

  • Kitty - Like other 1 star reviews it left my hair greasy ...

    I wish I could give this 0 stars. I used this one time, applied at night and couldn't wash it out of my hair the next day. Like other 1 star reviews it left my hair greasy and weighed down. Horrible product!

  • Madison G - A little advice from a nutrition professional

    As someone who has a degree in nutrition, I must say that this isn't the most nutritionally sound program. However, I am a user of the product. Did I choose to do Isagenix because of its nutritional quality? No. (Although, the shakes have a lot of vitamins in them and if you eat properly during your regular meals, you can fulfill any missing nutrients). I chose to do Isagenix because I had gained back some weight I had previously lost. This program doesn't require you to stay an Isagenix user, but it does require you to change your lifestyle. It's great to help kick off a weight loss plan, but you can't go back to eating terribly again afterward if you want the weight loss to be maintained. (HELLO, does anyone actually think eating a dessert every night, not exercising, and never eating vegetables is going to keep you on a maintenance level??) It is proven that meal replacement therapy is the best, most effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Why do you think Slimfast is still in business?

  • Amanda - Did not work with my skin!

    When I applied this makeup, I loved it! I have very clear skin and after I put it on my skin looked soft and pretty. My job involves a lot of running around and I sweat, but when I had the bare minerals on it was so light weight and breathable. It doesnt completely cover all my blemishes though, I had to use an additional concealer for them. I used it for about a week and I started to notice my skin getting red. Then I broke out HORRIBLY... I had huge cysts like pimples that I have never got before! It was all along my jaw line and my chin. I didn't realize with was the makeup that was making my face breakout until about 3 weeks later I finally stopped using it. It took awhile for my face to get back to normal. Now I use Clinque, it doesnt make my face breakout. A lot of people had great results with this product but I believe it all depends on your skin type! I didnt know my skin was so sensitve because I never had problems with it before!