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  • Dhaval P. - Future of fun robotics is here.

    Cozmo is an amazing cute little robot that packs a lot of intelligence. We bought cozmo for my nephew but we ended up having a lot of fun. This birthday we got a lot of robots for him to play. We bought BB8 and also a dinasaur which fetches the bone, After playing with all three i can say Cozmo is the smartest robot in the market. The human emotions emoted through eyes, sounds and mechanical action started to seem pretty realistic. We had a lot of different age group ranging from 5 yrs to 72 yrs on the dinner table when we started playing with it. Suddenly after 5 to 10 mins everybody was saying "Aww", "Smart move cozmo", "Ouch", "Look he is angry" It was like we bought a real pet at home. It is smart, and winning game against him requires real concentration and the way cozmo sleeps to says the same is simply amazing.

  • Florida Hillbilly - Good read... I'll get other books by Horn to read

    Good book... some redundancies in it, but overall it was a good read. I enjoy exploring different opinions on God's Revelation. We'll all find for ourselves in time, won't we? This is much about conspiracy theories of different sorts -- reasons we should watch our back -- and reasons to question your own loyalties. I do this anyway, but it is fun to read others' writing about it.

  • Evelyn H - needed this

    I purchased a smaller cutting board and realized I could use a larger one. I was happy to be able to find this one here on Amazon for an affordable price with FREE shipping.

  • Ethel Fountain - 2008 impala keyless entry remote

    It was on time, the instructions was easy, and I will go to this site again if I need to. this was a great price and I have not had any problems with this device. thank you for this device.


    I planted these seeds the beginning of October a day before we were to get a big rain. I panicked...thought all the seeds would wash away....ran to Big Lots and got large pieces of plastic to cover. Well...I saved most of it and to my surprise the seeds actually started to germinate faster due to the plastic keeping the moisture in...a new finding for me. My lawn is the envy of the block. It is a lusious deep green lawn just as the packaging says...just hope it makes it through the winter. Others have asked me what did I use and wanted the name and everyone has commented on how good it looks and think I have a "GREEN THUMB".:)