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Drugstore Deluxe - Distributeur de produits de beauté en Europe - Accueil - DRUGSTORE DELUXE est un distributeur de produits de beauté en Europe. L’élaboration de notre cahier des charges quant à la sélection de nos

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  • Amazon Customer - Don't waste your money

    Reception is horrible. It's only good when you run the vehicle through a car wash. I've already tossed mine out & put the factory one back on.

  • Tiny D - Good stuff!

    I take this with Nattokinase so I'm not sure which one did the trick, but I'm going to continue taking both. I've got really bad type 2 diabetes and I've been staying away from sweets/carbs for about half a year. My feet and hands hurt just walking, and for the last month my heart started spasming when I lay down, I think its called arrhythmia. And several times per hour my heart would just beat really really hard, once, like it was having trouble getting something through. Scary stuff, and I can't afford a doctor.

  • Maarussia - Good quality stroller

    I was a crazy Mom who bought her child three different strollers. Actually the first one my husband brought from Germany claiming that just like cars their strollers are among the best. And it was a good stroller, but in a way Mersedes S-Class is when you are a fan of a Mini Cooper. I wanted a stroller that would be light and that could easily be transported around. So I bought this one for two reasons: it folds up in one second with the effort of one finger and when you insert infant car seat, it creats a very cozy place for your little one where he is completely protected by the two hoods (the stroller's hood and the one from the car seat come nicely against each other). I ended up also buying a Maclaren Quest which I'm now using the most, but the B-Agile was still a pretty good choice.

  • Sweet Spring Farmer - Outstanding and Thoughtful

    The essay in this 2013 volume are outstanding and thoughtful (except for the one about triage by an Army doctor). This made me begin to collect each year's publication.

  • Bigreader - Still love it after 2 years

    I've put about 40,000 miles on my Mazda 3 s Grand Touring sedan in a little under 2 years. I am very happy with the handling, acceleration, and electronic bells and whistles. The gas mileage is very good and no problems so far. I get oil changes by dealer every 10-15k miles and any services recommended while I'm in. The seats are supportive and firm, this is great when maneuvering but could be a little more comfortable on drives over 3 hours. As an example, my wife's Ford Escape doesn't handle anywhere near as well, but the seats are more comfortable.

  • Kevin Knill - ... view is that for $179 try and find a better more fun interactive robot

    My view is that for $179 try and find a better more fun interactive robot!!! Yes there are disadvantages, you need a wifi connection and the current selection of games is small but hopefully more will be added along with other features etc. It was easy to setup and fun was had immediately. It even managed to do a face recognition of my cat (had to get the cat to stay still for more than 5 seconds however) . I would like to see eventually that multiple units can interact (interesting that they don't already as it would have pushed sales even more). Having the phone tied up with the app is required but get over it and try and live without your phone for a while ! I did get calls coming through as was able to take them OK and the robot fun continued after the call was finished. I do think they need edge sensors on side and back as I had to launch myself across the table to prevent a fall during play. Its version 1.0 so everybody needs to realize this and not get to worked up if it cant play cards with you, make the tea or take the dog for a walk. Its fun, its unique and I love it.

  • Kindle Customer - Bumpy road gone!

    This was a gift for Afro-American friend with bumps on his face from ingrown hairs. Saw him a week later and WOW he looked so much better. It is really amazing results. This stuff works!