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  • HBJen - Awesome product!!!

    First item that has ever held up to it's promise!! My Mercedes headlights had lots of oxidation, with a cloudy coat. Took it to dealer who charged $300 and hardly made a difference. Bought this kit and my husband and I each worked on a side- took about an hour and the lights look brand new!! I would recommend this product to anyone. It does take longer than the 30 minutes it says on the box but it's well worth the time spent.

  • K. Jones - Waste of Money

    I bought this product about a month ago, followed the directions carefully, and my wart actually became larger. This product did not work for me. I did four applications and each time my wart got a little worse. Also, the sponge tip applicator is way too large for a wart and ends up burning the skin.

  • Stephen ORourke - Excellent design with the base being a little larger in ...

    Excellent design with the base being a little larger in diameter so it overlaps, and seals the factory receiver. No adverse reception whatsoever. Great value. Packing included quality control inspection card with employee signature with contact phone number. For me that displays a company with professional integrity. A + Rating !!

  • HonestAnna - Natures Bounty offers pure products that they stand behind

    Natures bounty is one of my favorite brands because they stand buy their products. Ginseng is awesome for clarity, memory and energy plus I'm sure there is more.