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  • c323999 - deja vu dead sea minerals facial peeling

    The deja vu bulls*** is a scam. The one time I actually bothered to pay attention to kiosk at the mall. 24 on amazon 60 in the mall plus free soap ...lmao hope it works

  • H. P. Keable - Mostly disappointing

    It's not just Stephen's voice that's problematic here. Both David and Graham exhibit weaknesses individually, but more to the point it's their blend that just doesn't make it for a good portion of the show. This is even sadder given that they had three more singers behind them providing additional vocal power. I personally thought that they were best on the quieter stuff, and not very good at all vocally on the uptempo pieces. I think I would also have assign big-time blame to whomever mixed their voices for this release. Not a very good job. I think some of the vocal shortcomings could have been modified or even almost eliminated with a better mix.

  • Sybil VanderHoff - bring on the baby dust

    I have fertility issues, so I am taking these to help support my uterus for trying to become pregnant to maintain the right amount of vitamins and other things I need for when I do become pregnant. I have issues with a lot of different medications, I am also very cautious on what I put in my body. I do not like the harshness most pharmaceutical companies put in their vitamins and dietary supplements. I like this company very much its natural with out the hard added crap they put in others. Not knowing anything about the company I did some research before receiving the product and I was happy with what I found. I received this item fast and good packaging. I received these through AMZ, for free. It does not change the fact I love this product and would pay a good amount for these. I was happy to find out if I bought these and was not happy with them they do have a money back guaranteed which tells me that the company is quality company. They are easy to swallow and do not have an awful after taste. These are good not just for pregnant and lactating mothers, but the vitamins also help support female organs. As well help promote skin health, and do not forget the added benefits for your hair and nails. They have more vitamins and stuff to help support every females bodies then most women's multivitamins out there, as well as being safe to take if you become pregnant and not know it.

  • jimmy - Good Hoses

    I bought four of these 5/8-inch Flexogen hoses--25, 50, 75, and 100 feet--for different areas of yard around the house. After a season of use they've proven to be good hoses. Of course, it's very favorable that they don't leak. But what particularly impresses me about them is their notably light weight and flexibility, which make them a lot easier to handle than my previous hoses. The flexibility diminishes in cold weather, but a garden hose is less useful then anyway.

  • Gerald Plotts - Works great right out of the box

    Had some trouble with the first unit I received. (The gear lights didn't work), but Amazon quickly supplied a replacement unit. I have this coupled with the radio panel in my flight deck. You can view my flight deck set up here: --->> http://myflightdeck.weebly.com/

  • Ainsley A Aris II - This Apple Berry shake by Purium Works 100%

    i did this program a couple years ago and got rid of my diabetes. When you get hingry night time sautee some kale or brocolli in coconut oil