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  • When Nurses Cry | Filipino Nurses - The viral picture of a doctor grieving after a patient died resonated with me. It has struck a chord in every other person who works in the medical field. A

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  • Sarahhhhhhhh - Advocate challenge

    Cleanse fase helped lose the most weight , max phase gave me plenty of energy to get through the day an work outs

  • Lidia Lucas - AWESOME!

    "Why not?" I thought. I am glad I followed my heart. Fat Girl Slim is GREAT! Give it 2-3 weeks, you'll see "REAL" results.

  • Thewife - Female glands, who knew

    Saved me from having to make a trip to the doctor for a bartholin gland cyst. I took it three times a day for two weeks second dose I took two capsules and by week three the cyst was just about gone and I cut back to twice a day. I was relieved to have found an alternative to antibiotics or having it sliced open, since antibiotics where the reason I ended up with it. I took antibiotics to help with an ear infections and ended up with a yeast infection, since my immune system was a little weak. I got ride of the yeast infection (coconut oil works wonders for those FYI, two days and all clear) and ended up with a cyst from the yeast infection, bunch of fun yuck :P. Hope this helps someone!

  • Steve S - Amazing Customer Service

    I recently purchased my alarm system after researching for days and days. In the process, I had a few questions so I decided to both e-mail and call SimpliSafe. My e-mail was answered in an hour! When I called customer service, after being on hold for no more than 1 minute, a HUMAN answered the phone... no "Push 1 for this, 2 for that." The people at SimpliSafe are helpful, patient, and kind. Just the customer service sold me on this alarm system. A few days later, the alarm arrived and I had it completely set up in 15 minutes. I really love that I can set up multiple PINs so that I don't have to give my apartment complex my number. The quality of the alarm is solid and everything seems to be working as it should.

  • MandE728 - It worked for me!

    I bought Premama last November with the hopes that it would help regulate my periods, because I had not ever had a consistent period and I know that it was hindering my husband and I's chances of conceiving. I heard about Premama through the Ovia Fertility app, got the free sample, then bought a box during their Black Friday sale and started taking the packets in December. Wouldn't you know, I had a period each month and when I didn't have one in April I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!! My husband and I are elated!

  • Kindle Customer - Not expected, and not one to listen to again

    Well, it isn't horrible, but it isn't memorable or inspiring either. It is rather boring with limited potential for any hit songs. The good thing is that Lady Gaga is finally showing a softer side which is something that I have been waiting for for a long time. But the lyrics are basic, and there is nothing really deep or inspiring. In a word, it is forgettable.