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Bioidentical Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy - PhysioAge - Natural hormone replacement can help slow the aging process. Learn more about bioidentical hormone therapy here and decide if it's right for you.

  • http://j25.physioage.com/practices/physioage-orlando Florida - PhysioAge - An affiliate of PhysioAge Medical Group headquartered in Manhattan, NY, PhysioAge Orlando employs PhysioAge Systems, a scientifically-validated diagnostic system that measures vital body systems to determine how well patients are aging. For example,
  • http://j25.physioage.com/practices/grand-rapids Grand Rapids - PhysioAge - Our Grand Rapids location opened November 2011, where Dr. Steve Lasater focuses exclusively on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and age-management medicine. Dr. Lasater has trained extensively with our founding physicians and incorporates
  • http://j25.physioage.com/practices/new-york-city New York - PhysioAge - PhysioAge was founded in 1997 in New York City. We focus exclusively on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and age-management medicine. Our next-generation physical exam is able to detect pre-clinical disease states and measure an
  • http://j25.physioage.com/practices/salt-lake-city Salt Lake City - PhysioAge - PhysioAge is expanding nationwide to provide greater access to the same quality preventive care offered from our New York location since 1997. We are currently expanding to Salt Lake City, UT, Los Angeles, CA and Grand Rapids, MI. Our Salt Lake
  • http://j25.physioage.com/practices/los-angeles LA - PhysioAge - PhysioAge Los Angeles offers many of the same services as NewYork, including biomarkers of aging and body composition testing. Our practices are committed to enabling patients to extend their healthspan through hormonal balance, nutrition,
  • http://j25.physioage.com/about-us Bioidentical Homone Doctors - About Us - PhysioAge - Physioage houses some of the best bioidentical hormone doctors available. Meet our doctors and see how they can help you slow the aging process.
  • http://j25.physioage.com/frequently-asked-questions Anit-Aging & Homone Deficiency Treatment FAQs - PhysioAge - Becoming a PatientThe Treatment ProgramAsk the DoctorTestosterone for WomenTestosterone for MenHormone Replacement TherapyGot a question we didn't answer? Email us!
  • http://j25.physioage.com/news/in-the-news PhysioAge in the News - PhysioAge - October 2011PhysioAge is featured on Dr. Steve ShowAugust 2011 Elle Magazine Article on telomerase activator TA-65 featuring Dr. RaffaeleJuly 2011PhysioAge Salt Lake opens its doors on 8/1, led by Jeff Nelson, DOJanuary
  • http://j25.physioage.com/patient-area Patient Area - PhysioAge - Patient FAQ:ShipmentsBillingClinical Holiday Schedule Policies & Procedures Spam Control Traveling with Medications  Patient Newsletter Winter 2011  Stay tuned for more...
  • http://j25.physioage.com/public/videos Videos - PhysioAge - Becoming a PatientWhat is the patient experience on the day of their first visit? This includes biomarker testing and the initial consultation with the physician. p5HyPZlpI8s What is BHRT?An educational video about bHRT – bioidentical
  • http://j25.physioage.com/practices/locations Locations - PhysioAge - New York City:PhysioAge Medical Group 30 Central Park South, 8D New York, NY 10019 Toll-free - 877-749-7462 Local - 1 212 888 7074 Fax - 1 212 888 7828View Larger Map PhysioAge - Grand Rapids: PhysioAge Medical Group
  • http://j25.physioage.com/contact-us Contact Us - Homone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women - PhysioAge - PhysioAge - New York City:PhysioAge Medical Group30 Central Park South, 8D New York, NY 10019 Toll free -877-749-7462 Local - 1 212 888 7074 Fax - 1 212 888 7828 PARKING HOTELSRequest an appointment View
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy Womens Health - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women - PhysioAge - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for WomenWe have been focused exclusively on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy since 1997 and have treated more than 2,100 patients during that time.  Our approach to HRT can best be described as
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy/what-is-bhrt What are Bioidentical Hormones - PhysioAge - Bioidentical hormones are becoming more and more common as tools in the war against aging. What is BHRT, and is it good for you?
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy/what-can-i-expect What to expect From BHRT? - Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Hormone Imbalance - PhysioAge - What to expect from BHRTRestoring and balancing levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone often resolves most symptoms of hormonal imbalance, including: Hot flashesNight sweatsMental fogginessBreast
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy/what-are-the-risks What are the risks? - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy & Estrogen Treatment - PhysioAge - Many women are reluctant to start HRT —even when they are aware of all the benefits—because they are worried about side-effects and breast cancer risk. Side effects can be managed by breaking from traditional HRT and maintaining physiological
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/treatment-options Treatment Options - Age Management Program & Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Women - PhysioAge - When you choose treatment through us, we tailor your plan to your needs, taking into consideration your age, symptoms, medical history and personal preferences. After restoring any hormones that are low, frequent monitoring of your hormonal levels
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/treatment-options/bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy-program BHRT Program - Menopause Treatment - PhysioAge - Looking for an alternative menopause treatment? Our program has successfully helped hundreds of women survive Menopause symptoms.
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/treatment-options/physioage-program The PhysioAge Program - Age Management & Aging Treatments - PhysioAge - The Physioage age management program is designed to reverse and/or reduce the effects of the aging process. It focuses on restoring cell function while keeping delicate female hormones balanced. hGH is available in at least two different
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/treatment-options/comprehensive-evaulation Comprehensive Evaluation - Age Management Assessment Therapy - PhysioAge - The comprehensive evaluation is designed to fully assess your body's hormonal production and your rate of aging. There are 2 separate components: Laboratory Evaluation and Biomarker Testing.Part I. Laboratory EvaluationPrior to your first
  • http://j25.physioage.com/womens-health/next-steps Next Steps - PhysioAge - Schedule your AppointmentCall us at 877-888-3210 to schedule your appointment. We are open 9-5 ET, M-F. Plan to spend about four hours with us.  Alternately, you may fill out this form to request an appointment.  You'll need to provide
  • http://j25.physioage.com/mens-health/testosterone-replacement-therapy Mens Health - Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men - PhysioAge - Physioage offers testosterone replacement therapy that is tailored to your individual needs. Help win the fight against aging.
  • http://j25.physioage.com/mens-health/testosterone-replacement-therapy/what-can-i-expect Testosterone Treatment - PhysioAge - Learn more about testosterone treatment options, and what you can expect. Get all of your questions answered here.
  • http://j25.physioage.com/mens-health/testosterone-replacement-therapy/what-are-the-risks Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men - What Are The Risks? - PhysioAge - Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Men Short term risksWhat about that free lunch question? Short term risks, what we call side effects, are few. If a man had a propensity to develop acne as a teenager, this may be reactivated when
  • http://j25.physioage.com/mens-health/treatment-options Age-Management Program & Testosterone Replacement for Men - Treatment Options - PhysioAge - Our treatment protocols are individually tailored based on your age, symptoms, medical history, and personal preferences.  We assess and restore any hormones that are low, then maintain proper balance through frequent monitoring. TRT Program
  • http://j25.physioage.com/mens-health/testosterone-replacement-therapy/testosterone-replacement-therapy-program TRT Programs – Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men - PhysioAge - The Testosterone Replacement ProgramTestosterone can be restored in two ways: Testosterone transdermal cream Custom-compounded (mixed) to provide a convenient dosing amount based on how
  • http://j25.physioage.com/mens-health/testosterone-replacement-therapy/physioage-program Anti-Aging Program - Testosterone Cream, Aging Treatments & Age Management - PhysioAge - The PhysioAge ProgramThis is the gold-standard of age-management programs, designed to reverse or retard the effects of the aging process by restoring cell maintenance and function.hGH (human growth hormone) , available in three forms:

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    I wanted to wait a little bit before reviewing this stuff, but I figured - four rain storms later, it's only fair to say that this stuff works.