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  • James Th - Surprisingly effective dihydromyricetin pills

    I came across Sobur after seeing a mini tv spot on National Geographic about this new 'raisin tree' extract from China that was being researched by a team of scientists in the States. They claimed it cured mice of their hangovers, so I had to get my hands on some.

  • Tina - Disappointed

    I was very disappointed when I opened my package and it was not what I ordered. I was supposed to receive one spray and one brush on, but instead I received two bottles of the spray. So I'm sorry but I can't tell you if this product works or not. Maybe when/if I order the brush on I will be able to tell you something.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic upgrade for my 2015 cb500x

    Fantastic upgrade for my 2015 cb500x. I use it with the stock signals just for the brighter brake light and 3 flash, it is perfect.

  • Paige S - Great for any harry potter fan, young and old.

    Received my copy yesterday, and It's beautifully illustrated!!! I greatly missed the anticipation of new harry potter books to come out, once the series ended, and with these new illustrated versions I get to feel a little bit of that excitement again!

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic taste and mixes great

    Fantastic taste and mixes great. The 4:1 ratio also ensures you are getting a superior quality BCAA. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to support recovery in and outside of the gym.

  • Daniel J James - Smells bad, works good

    This stuff smells pretty awful when you are using it, but it works pretty well. I know different people have different skin types, so you have to be careful and test an area to make sure you don't have a bad reaction before using it on larger scale.