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  • Syed - Good quality, very thin fit

    Good quality, very thin fit. A lot of people don't even notice the case. I suggest you get the same color case as your iPhone

  • Michelle the Comic Lady - Made my hair fall out

    Not sure what's in this stuff, but it made my hair fall out like crazy in the shower. Like 3x more than normal. Not good for someone who wants more hair...

  • Sarah D - which I love, but doesn't stick like glue to your fingers

    I found this product after trying several others on my son. It's one of the very few diaper creams that actually work well on him. It's thick, which I love, but doesn't stick like glue to your fingers. There isn't really a smell which I also like. Just not a big fan of this packaging. I prefer the tube packaging.


    When using this ouija board or any ouija board for that matter you need to be open minded at all times. I've actually had some interesting results with this board and others not so much. One time I used it and I asked it if it could blow the candle I had lit next to me out, and like 15 seconds later it did. There are other ways you can also talk to the spirits without using the planchette itself. You could put a candle in the middle of the board and have the spirits talk through the candle or put a spirit box (i recommend) on the board and the spirits could talk through that. There are many ways you can use this board, you just can't be close minded about it.

  • John Ruple - This monitor is beautiful! Even coming from 1920x1200 I have noticed a ...

    This monitor is beautiful! Even coming from 1920x1200 I have noticed a big difference. Don't let the 25 inch screen width keep you from buying this monitor, it only enhances the picture. With the increased pixel density, it looks like 25 inch screens are the new sweet spot for 2560x1440 monitors.

  • A. Smith - I don't understand the hype

    The information and recommendations within this book can be found in a lot of other natural books that discuss supplements. Or, you can just read the reviews for the book - many of which provide the supplements the book discusses. The reason I purchased this book is because based on reviews and book information, this book tells you EXACTLY what supplements (brand) to purchase. However, since this book was published over 2 years ago, several of the supplements recommended are not available (i.e. Wal-mart brand cinnamon). Not to mention, the certificate of authenticity is over 2.5 years old. Furthermore, for some of the supplements recommended (milk thistle) the author pretty much says any brand will do. So, I'm confused. Disappointed I didn't find the direct, updated information I was hoping to find in this book. Also, found a lot of the book to be "fluffy".