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  • PinkBird - Just go flush two (2) dollars down your toilet...

    The FIRST thing this app offers you is a "FREE" gift....but they REQUIRE your CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL information! Why? Because YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE "FREE" JUNK! Oh—right you're only paying for the "shipping!!" If you waste your time pouring through all of your "FREE" gift options you will soon realize that it is all CHEEP CRAP——it is not worth the fee for s&h——then it's SUPER EASY to shop the garbage with ONE SIMPLE CLICK——BECAUSE YOU'VE ALREADY GIVEN THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION! Just take a couple of dollars into your bathroom and flush them away......could I be any clearer?

  • Jamie G. - An Enjoyable Mystery

    I enjoyed the majority of this novel a lot! For the most part it is well written, the mystery holds your interest, and there is good suspense near the end. For those who like some romance with their mysteries that is well covered here, although a bit predictable. The only reason that I do not give it five stars is that the dialog is marginal in some sections. Hopefully the author will be able to improve this in future novels. Otherwise it is an enjoyable read!

  • Luisa - Neocell Super Collagen t C (White bottle)

    I have been using this product for several months. I have not seen a difference in my nails nor my skin or hair thickness. I however, feel that it has really helped my knees. I go for much longer periods with out pain or stiffness. Also, I noticed that I am losing fewer hairs. Unless, I hear of some negative side affects, I will continue to use this product.

  • dena - Amazing!

    I usually do not take the time to write reviews especially if I havent purchased the item from Amazon but I felt really strongly about this product. I got a sample of the shampoo and conditioner from CVS, tried it and loved it. I have bleached hair, very dry and brittle, ends break off very easily and it had stopped growing so it seemed. Also I came off a really rough time with stress and lost a ton of weight, kind of malnourished myself. Combine that with hormonal issues and my hair has thinned quite a bit. I tried lots of high end salon brands but nothing comes close to this. It made my hair thicker, smoother and so manageable! I thought ok, first time use is blowing me away but I bet if I keep using it I will go back to the way it was .. limp and thin and dull! Nope .. I bought the small bottles of this at cvs at 9.99 a pop and I use very very little and WOW ... 7 days and haven't had a bad hair day yet! The smell is nice too, it lasts. And I don't have to wash my hair daily just to get a nice style. I highly recommend this for my hair type ladies out there. You won't be sorry. Yes it is very expensive .. but to me, worth every penny. Watch for sales and discounts!! I will be buying the next size up next time I buy. A little goes a long way. I have not tried the glossing cream yet, but I can't imagine it getting any better.

  • Scott W Iovene - Do not buy. Junk.

    VERY poor construction. Fell apart after light use within 1-1/2 months of purchasing and no longer accepts a charge. Garbage.