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  • Berries - Awesome car seat

    Awesome car seat! Beside the safety factor, we also love the look and feel of this car seat. Our baby seems very happy in it, love that it sits higher up, so he can see out the back window. Very pleased!

  • justinsgranny - Forget It

    Even though I read the numerous poor reviews I went ahead and purchased the Bissell Steam and Mop. When I got home I quickly put it together and began cleaning, or should I say tried to clean. We are just two people with one cat so it's not like there is a tremendous amount of dirt. I tried to vacuum first, it doesn't really pick up at all. The suction power is so inadequate more than half the dirt is left behind. I then got my regular vaccum and cleaned the floors and decided to try the steam mop to see how it would work. This is really what I had bought it for. Not only did it not clean, it left water marks that I had to repair, and I was very careful not to leave in one place very long. I packaged this up the same day and returned it and purchased the Shark steam mop. From now on when I see a lot of poor reviews I'm going to believe them and move on. Don't waste your time or money on this product.

  • A. Casey - Very Informative Book and Great Conversational Piece

    Great book, great binding. It's the same thing that you've come to expect from GWB of Records. I usually get a new one every few years. A lot of this info is available on the internet but when I have people over at my house, they almost always pick it up and take a look at it. It really is a great conversational book/coffee table book and you won't be disappointed.

  • Goldie eagle - An excellent read, a real page turner

    I loved this book! If you have read the other Dungeon Fantasy Club books then you really enjoy this continuing series. Young love revisited after 10 years brings a story about 2 people that didn't practice domestic discipline or have a d/s relationship when they were younger but they more than make up for it as they are older and more mature and know what they want from each other. Great Job Anya! I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..