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  • James K. Beard - Workable Backup Solutions, Executive Control of your Boot Drive

    Acronis backup solutions are user-configured. The configuration that works best for me keeps the total size of backup storage at about the size of the data on the boot drive. This allows me to use an inexpensive two-HD slow RAID on my desktop for backup. I had a boot disk failure last year and recovered 100% of the data on a bootable HD using Acronis, valid as of my last rotating backup.

  • Catman2 - Great product

    For the last 8 years I've used Mcafee Total Protection as my security software. It seemed okay but it was always slow to open. Then I had a series of fraudulent purchases over six months, happening every time I bought anything online using my credit card. Since that time I made it a point never to purchase anything online from home and became suspicious that Mcafee wasn't doing the job.