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  • Laura - Best diaper rash cream ever!!

    This diaper rash cream is by far the best I have ever used. My son has very sensitive skin as well as eczema. This is the only cream that has cleared up his skin over night with just one use. Amazing product and worth every penny. I've told all of my friends,family and co workers.

  • chuck65 - Works as advertised for casual day, but not for active lifestyle

    I ordered the light brown back at the beginning of March. I was surprised at how it filled in my lacking hair! It looked real natural. The powder clung to every hair that I had, no matter how miniscule the hari it was, and made me look like I had a full head of hair. That is the good part. The bad is, you cant touch the hair much, or recomb it at all. I will never wear a light coloured shirt, or coat, because small particles do make their way down to the shoulders. So, I had to go to the bathroom more often than I normally would, just to look in the mirror and check for residue on my clothes, neck, or whatever. Since the added hair would be suddenly realized by people who know me well, I didnt use much of it. To really look good, I really needed closer to the full dose. I kinda split the difference, and nobody said anything about it. Be warned, if you do alot of sports, go to the Y, or other things active, it wont hold up! All in all, this product is expensive to use all the time, and you have to wash your hair every day, and reapply ONLY after the hair is really dry. Speaking for myself, it is not worth it! I dont know who I want to impress. I am happily married to a lady who really loves me, and I her, so I do not care to attract other women. So, what the heck. Now, if you are single, and on the prowl, then this will work for you, and it does make you look like you have hari, which is what the review is all about anyway. Just be ware, the object of your affection will learn the truth sooner or later.

  • Amy C. - Great product worth the money.

    I have used this particular product for 2 cycles and I am very please with it. I find it best to put the power in my mouth and wash it down with water because it taste like fun dip. Initially I followed the directions and mixed it with water but I found a lot of residue going that route.

  • Drake - They were like 20 pages long

    Little thicker then your average pen, ZERO directions what so ever, And when i finally found the directions, They were like 20 pages long!...Like really?...

  • Lucky Strike - ThruNite says "Please mind the hot"

    As others have stated, this is a well engineered flashlight for about $50, etc. however, one that can dangerously overheat, especially when in the highest output mode ("Max" in the manual). The manual states: "DO NOT run the light at max mode for more than 10 minutes." While not a deal breaker, I think it is important to note, since the TN12 uses lithium batteries and lacks thermal protection circuitry. If by some chance the tailcap button becomes accidentally depressed for a long enough period while in a rucksack, pocket, etc., and the last used mode was max, this could be a serious burn, explosion, or fire hazard. My recommendation would be to always be sure to "lock out" the tailcap by twisting it counterclockwise when the TN12 is not in use. This goes for any lithium flashlight in this form factor, but especially ones like the TN12 which have a small reflector and lack thermal stepdown.

  • Gary Graham - Good cap, but sad to see it replaces just ...

    Good cap, but sad to see it replaces just has press-on plastic cap from factory, after paying $47k for PU. Wish it had lockable fuel cap, but Ram's problem. This unit is great.

  • Margarette J. - Impressive!

    Interesting book! This book was exactly what I needed! I was looking for something just like this book that could provide me with all the facts and information that I needed. The tips, tricks and advices within it are very easy to follow so I found it very useful. I like how the author explains things in a way so everyone can understand and I found the book very well written, interesting and educational.