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  • Jyotsna Sreenivasan - I always look forward to this collection

    Another reviewer said that the worst story was Kevin Moffett's "Further Interpretation of Real-Life Events." I must disagree -- that is my favorite story of the collection! It's honest, funny, poignant. Another story I liked was "Into Silence" by Marlin Barton. A lot of the stories in this collection are cold and depressing. These two stories have more warmth and human feeling, in my opinion.

  • Andrew Garcia - I really love this case

    I really love this case. The black color makes it the phone seem very elegant. I'm glad that it does not make the phone to bulky like other cases. Keep it up Spigen.

  • Lisa Caroline - Super-Easy to Use and Inexpensive!

    I've been doing my own taxes since I was 18 years old. I have a family of 4, with income from a job AND income from self-employment, own my own home, 401k, etc. I normally get the 'Deluxe' version which includes everything I need to cover all of our income and deductions. I also get the +State version which is very handy. Last year, I got the Deluxe version without State and regretted it later. Even though the state forms are super-easy, I had to take the time to read everything myself and print forms from the state website when the software could have done it all for me. It really does save time to let the software do BOTH returns! The software walks you through each step of your return, asking questions along the way, to help you get every deduction available. Rarely have I ever had to go to the IRS website for clarification, since the software is extremely thorough.