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  • Sussman - My partner swears by this product

    My partner swears by this product - she says it has worked a miracle on her skin type. Her skin type is oily/combo skin, with dry patches on her chin and cheeks. It has cleared a lot of her black heads. She has been using it for about six months, once every three days and already it has minimized the pigmentation and has evened out the tone of her skin. It evens, it brightens, and it clears the skin of acne. It is rather remarkable product, my partner had never used Murad products before but was sold on it by a friend, and she says she is going to start incorporating other products from this line and see how work out, but for now this exfoliator is amazing. It is more on the cleanser spectrum than a harsh exfoliator so it is not recommend if you are comparing it to exfoliators that have sand or sugar beads in them. This stuff is very gentle, a little drying but as she says if you have oily skin then always use a moisturizer after so it does not make the skin flaky. As she attests she has found her Holy Grail cleanser.

  • ktstump - flimsy

    This mop is terrible! It's the equivalent of a small amount of material knotted together and tied to a stick. In fact, that's not a bad idea and I'm pretty sure it would work better. With the emotional angst taken out: it's light-weight, flimsy and doesn't accomplish its only job; cleaning a floor.

  • Anonymous - Favorite shampoo ever

    This is my favorite shampoo ever. It's gentle, smells nice, and moisturizes. A hairdresser once confided in me that you only need less than a dime size for each wash, which is best for your hair anyway.

  • B. Worem - Ok, but ONLY one way.. UPLOAD to new TREE everytime!

    This product does not work seamlessly with as it looks like it does. Yes you can download a tree and make many modifications. But it is NOT a collaborative product. You will either do it online in or in the product. You will NOT use both since they do not EVERY SYNC, instead it ONLY uploads to a brand new tree every time. If you want to work in a collaborative tree with multiple people do NOT purchase this product. MyHeritage has a product that does however.


    I bought this a couple of months ago, and in terms of its functionality, would echo many of the other posts here. I'm new to Quicken and money management software, and was looking for a way to get a handle on my personal finances. I found this to be a bit overwhelming and not intuitive, though I suppose I will figure out how to manipulate it with time. Also, for some reason, I can't get it to sync with the dates in the data it pulls from my bank account -- it's showing bills that I already paid as overdue, and showing the wrong due dates for others. And it shows incorrect deposit dates for my future paychecks, which screws up the cashflow and balance calculations. (I get paid on the 1st and the 16th of every month, but those dates shift if the 1st or 16th are a Saturday or Sunday. There doesn't seem to be any way to fix this, other than manually adjusting each entry. But like I said, I'm new to this.)

  • Robin Smith - An Absolutely Great Series

    I read the original story in the first boxed set for the I Ops series and loved getting to know about Missy and Roi. So when I learned there would be an extended version I knew I would be buying it for my own collection. Missy is Peren's close friend and she was there when she set up Lukian with Peren and there was all the trouble with Parker kidnapping her. Of course with Missy's job being so secret she couldn't tell Peren nor Melanie about it. Now however it is Missy's turn to be in danger and its Roi's job to keep her safe. Roi is fighting his instincts where Missy is concerned not realizing the histry that they have together.