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  • Toby Wallwork - Almost Perfect.

    First off, I was given this knife as a gift from an uncle that I've never been very fond of. He's a nice fellow, but he's a bit "from the other side of the family" if you get my drift. Anyway he delivered it in person and therefore was exhausted from climbing six flights of stairs, so I offered him a seat and a glass of water (tap, not bottled) and we made polite, albeit small, conversation. He gestured at the box and told me that the Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant was inside and that he wanted me to have it. I was touched but still somewhat confused by an seasonal expression of familial affection. I offered him a cup of coffee or tea, which he declined (I admit I was a bit relieved). Moments late he raised himself from the chair and made motion towards the door.

  • T. Mattson - Lacking Features

    It's a very well built and sturdy machine but the console is lacking features. The display program it uses feels like it's out of the 90's.

  • Peggy Seay - Close but not quite.

    I have Sjogren's Syndrome so my mouth is VERY sensitive... this tooth paste is still a bit TOO minty for my mouth. I'll stick with their children's formula 

  • Amazon Customer - GOTY

    Awesome game. Easily best FPS in the past couple of years. Single player missions are enjoyable and well crafted. Online multiplayer has expansive maps and great mechanics. Definitely recommend.

  • Sonia - I'm a huge One Republic fan, but this album is not as amazing as Native

    I’m a huge One Republic fan, have been following them since their single Apologize released back in 2006. To this day Apologize is still played on the radio. I loved their “Native” album, however this album is not their best work. I’ve listened to the album a few times now and I’m still not sure if I like any of the songs. The songs may grow on me, but as of now the album lacks hits that made Native so popular. On a more critical note I did not enjoy the auto-tuning of Ryan’s voice in some songs. They recorded this album while on tour and it shows. The songs don’t have a lot of depth.

  • LeRoy - Crashes Vista

    Bitdefender 2012: iI put this on my computer with Vista and start up was messing up bad along with other problems, then it would not start up and then it did and so on. I uninstalled and the computer did great so I re-installed this again to see if it would take. Now It really crashed, so i need to go into safe mode and uninstall it again. Amazon referred me to the company; but even though this is my first install, it seems I had the Software too long cause I cannot get a refund it seems for they have not responded back to me in over a month.

  • James A. Gutowski - 2014 Election - Take Our Country Back

    They fired the First Shot 2012 should be required reading for every American of this Great Country of Ours. The citzens need to wake up to what is going around us and what Obama and his gang is doing and will continue to do to this country and our freedoms. Even some of the repubicans are involved, therefore, we need to vote all new conversative Congressman and Senators into office in Nov. 2014.