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  • Patricia Tackitt - I will keep looking...

    The price was great, but this is difficult to wear for me. Does not stay in m ear, even with the smallest earpiece. The headset does not hold a charge for very long, and does not tell you how much charge is left until it is almost dead. It does have some added features that were not listed, which include hands free searching commands. There is no volume control on the piece itself, although I could adjust some with my phone, which kind of defeats the purpose of being hands free.

  • Tim Hurst - Great modem!

    I had previously bought a smaller version of this modem and it stayed too hot for comfort. This model has a lot of empty space inside to help it breath so it does not get hot. It has plenty of channels for future expansion if my IS ever offers it

  • PsiGuy - Every new version gets worse and worse.

    Every new version gets worse and worse. $400 for basically what you can get for free with open office. also it requires a microsoft login which is stupid.

  • Robert Beeman - Fits very well

    This car seat adapter fits our BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller and Graco Snug Ride 30 (from the Graco Stylus Classic Connect LX Travel System, purchased in early 2013) perfectly. We purchased the BOB, and then realized after the fact that we wouldn't be able to use it for several months on its own. We then found this kit and thought it would be worth the ~$35 to use the BOB now, especially since we both have been wanting to find a way to get some more exercise in. We are very pleased with our purchase. It allows us the freedom and flexibility to do things that we would not be able to do otherwise.

  • AZ Mommy - Don't buy!!!!

    First, I must say that I 'was' a loyal leappad customer. We've owned 3 leappads (1 original & 2 Leappad 2) and loved them. We purchased the Ultra almost 60 days ago and it has been a NIGHTMARE! Between the 200+ hours it has spent 'updating' and 'reloading the profile' (after it updates it wipes the machine clear so you have to go through the entire reload/create a profile. We've done this now 8 times), 20+ emails to technical support, 5+ phone calls & countless tears to myself/husband it has wasted a better part of my life. One thing to be aware of Leappad's customer support is only open 9am - 5pm M to F EST. If you work then you are out of luck! The online email response just sends you the 'cut and paste' fixes from the website. I know I'm not a tech geek, but yes I did check online before calling/emailing. The worst part was when the Leappad took over 8 hours to 'update' (wipe the computer clean) for the 5th time and then took 36 hours to update with all the purchased apps. We've spent almost $1,000 on apps which makes my heart break. If I knew how poorly the Ultra was made and that the tech support was so pathetic I would've stayed loyal with the Leappad 2. On paper the Ultra sounds amazing (i.e., no batteries, bigger screen, Wifi, etc.) but when it doesn't work, takes countless hours to attempt to fix, etc. it isn't worth it. My poor daughter is so confused why I can't just fix it. Worst use of money on a toy yet. Sorry Leappad, I really wanted to love you, but you made it impossible. My suggestion...spend less money on marketing and more money on infrastructure (tech support, R&D).

  • Donna B. Wyatt - Hallmark 2012 Card Studio - DO NOT BUY

    Hallmark's 2010 version worked like a dream on Windows XP. Then the upgrades began. The Hallmark 2011 was a disaster as it did not load properly even after tech pros tried to help. It was impossible to get customer service on the phone (no human) after several tries. Thank goodness I bought this through Amazon who helped to get the refund for me. I thought getting the DOWNLOAD 2012 version was the answer but this was worse. I am still in the process of trying to get help or a refund after several hours on the phone waiting for a "Hallmark" human. Do not buy this 2012 product. In fact...RUN away fast!

  • NickoliBarrucullas - Good deal. Equivalent to Srixon Q-Star, in my opinion.

    Very good deal. I can usually get these to stop about 1 foot behind the divot on 120-160 yard shots. The downside is that you can clearly feel that this is a two-piece ball while putting. For this price, I'll learn to putt with it.