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  • madlyn fafard - Attention manufaturer

    The second bottle I purchased ended up glued tight together at the 1/2 way mark of use. They were so stuck together I had to throw out the last half bottle. I hope this is niot common as I prefer to keep buying

  • Saisha V. Soto - Keeps hair under control, but a bit drying

    This leave in conditioner smells delicious, almost like a pina colada. It does a good job at keeping my dry poofy hair under control, but I find that it leaves my hair a bit dried out. Nothing too horrible, but I am still looking for that perfect leave-in and this is not it.

  • Jim Fisher - Pretty much any antivirus program that does more than keep ...

    PCMatic is proof that anyone can make millions simply by making claims of miracles. The claims don't have to be true. You just have to be able to afford to advertise them.

  • diana - not what i thought

    it did give me volume and it did hold my hair, but the thing that annoys me is that as soon as i apply it on my hair after it dries, it made my hair feel hard and it wasn't a nice feeling,

  • Matt S. - Awesome Product

    First things first, I'm a 24 year old male who got roped into buying this from one of those overly persuasive girls at the mall kiosk. At first, I just didn't want to be rude and brush her off. She started showing me the products, then took this facial peel and starting rubbing it on my wrist. I've had a scar from a grease burn for almost five years that was slightly hidden by my sleeve. When I went to wash it off I noticed that the portion of the scar that had the solution applied to it had diminished nearly %50. She could've told me this little bottle was $200 and I still would've bought it. I started using this on my face once every week or so. The day after each use my skin was softer and clearer than it had ever previously been. It also really helps in avoiding ingrown hairs (probably not a concern for the majority of females who I would assume mainly purchase this product).

  • Amazon Customer - Good product / Bad instructions -- Misleading installation guidance

    The transmitter is working great. However, the instructions failed to clearly explain how to reconfigure the TV to make the connections successfully. After several days of perseverance, my husband was able to "guess" which way to connect it. It was actually the opposite way the instructions had stated. The product is a good product; however to use it properly, the instructions need to be clearer.

  • Dasnovis - Here's mud in your eye.

    Better than the originals,higher quality composite, just a little shorter. That's okay as they still provide paint chip protection from rocks and are less likely to be damaged off road as they don't hang as low as the OEM. Great price too. Buy new fasteners as you will probably break the originals taking them off. Buy them on Amazon, not from Toyota,much cheaper.