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  • Mason M. Colbert - Good Value for the Money

    I purchased my Sole E25 almost 4 years ago and it is still working perfectly. When I started using this machine I weighed 227 lbs (I now weigh about 200 lbs) so it has taken some punishment. I use it mainly during the winter months, when the weather is better I usually like to get outside and power walk or jog.

  • Sarah - So far so good.

    Been using it for about a month now. I can see a bit of a difference but nothing drastic. I'll continue to use it and keep you posted 👍🏻. So far so good.

  • Cissy58 - ... is not quite strong enough to to put a good edge.

    It does everything as advertised except for the edging is not quite strong enough to to put a good edge.

  • Gabriel Soultanian - Great product / great seller!!!!

    They shipped the product that was promised. I received this product very quickly. This snack tray is a must when owning a Uppababy Vista.

  • Triple J - I like this machine

    I like this machine, it is exceptionally better than the blade grinders I have had. The controls are not intuitive and there are many combinations, so balance may be difficult to find at times, especially if you have different grind preferences for different brews. The hopper does get a little static-y but that doesn't really bother me. I bought the grinder brush, because I will also likely use this to grind herbs once in a while and different coffees, if you take some time with a good brush, you really do not need separate machines. Very pleased with this over all.

  • Christina M. Collins - The rackets are pretty sturdy and we love that it came with a ...

    Made fairly well - we used these a lot. The rackets are pretty sturdy and we love that it came with a bag to keep them secure in.

  • The Wise Owl - Not the same...

    I used this product 10 years ago quite religiously. I recall being upset when the price went up and product amount went down so I stopped using it and fell in love with Boots Organics from Target. Unfortunately they discontinued my favorite moisturizer, so I came back to Perricone. Though I got a nice deal here on Amazon, I won't be buying it again. Upon my first application, I too was turned off by what seems like much more fragrance than I remember. The rose scent used to be faint and tolerable. It's very overpowering now and lasts the entire day. After a week or two, my chin broke out in large inflammations. Something I had not experienced in the past with this product. I can't tell you why, but I say that I'm not so sure that DMAE is all that it's praised to be. I wonder too if the formula changed. I'm sorry to say that I'm not a fan anymore. I'm back to Boots at 14.00 a jar.