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  • Amazon Customer - This is my absolute favorite daily moisturizer

    This is my absolute favorite daily moisturizer. I compare it to drinking water. Essential. It makes your skin feel subtle and well hydrated without giving a greasy appearance. This is always in my skin regimine!

  • Larry Cunningham - Great book! Gives you a lot of contact info ...

    Great book! Gives you a lot of contact info for various companies and publishers. Also gives you info on what they are currently looking for in the various types of photography, allowing you to get a head start on shooting the desired types of photographs.

  • khadfour - They really do work!

    Taking these drops 3x a day and lowering my caloric intake has totally worked! I have been on this diet for 10 days and have gone from 154 lbs to 145.8 lbs. I am following the HCG 2.0 diet along with the drops and its awesome! Would I like to be eating a cheese burger and fries, of course, but I am motivated and know that I can lose the extra weight from having my 4th baby. I'm excited! Years ago I used HCG drops and did the original HCG diet of 500 calories and it was a struggle to stay on the diet. But with these drops they honestly work so well and help curb my appetite. Honestly it is hard to actually get in all the calories I'm suppose to be eating. Each day right when I wake up I put 15 drops under my tongue. Leave it there for two minutes then swallow, (it doesn't taste good but doesn't taste bad either). Then I wait 15 minutes to eat my breakfast, usually 3 hard boiled egg whites. Then around lunch and dinner time I do the same thing with the drops then eat my food for each meal. I would actually highly recommend these drops to anyone motivated to lose weight. I did not receive these drops for free I purchased them and when I am done with my weight loss I'll repurchase these drops again so my husband can lose weight.