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  • Anne - I enjoyed the grown up Roe

    Interesting addition to the series. The story and who was responsible is predictable and the story is rather short. However, as usual, Harris doesn't shy away from unpleasantness. I think I'm still reeling years later from the stunner in one of the earlier books in this series. She's used the same surprise in a couple of her other series (actually I think it happens in all of her series which started after this one). In this book she tackles the very timely topic of bullying, both overt and subtle. Here, Roe not only deals with the disappearance of some kids, but also family and friendship issues. If there is another book after Liars, I hope Harris continues to explore these issues that she brings up.

  • Casslikeness - Extremely happy to own this!

    This album is perfect for displaying the National Park Quarters Series. I absolutely love the history involved as well as the display of the quarters. The fact that both sides of the quarters are protected is an extreme advantage to this marvelous album. There are extra holders too in case it is decided to make more quarters in the series, as the book describes. I would recommend this for anyone, children and adults alike. I've show this album to all of my family (ranging from 1 month old to 55 years old) and they all love it. The little baby loves the colors.

  • dionysios - very good product,in just few days to my country, in very good price

    very good product,in just few days to my country, in a very good price. . the package was really good...

  • Jacqueline Cole-Conroy - Definitely Worth It

    I bought this because I did not do as well as I had hoped on my practice GRE. This book helped substantially (especially with the math!) If you want to review on your own, I strongly recommend this book. I raised my math from a 134 on the practice to a 152 and verbal from 144 to a 155 on the real GRE. The shipping was fast and you cannot beat the price!

  • Mr. Light - This is the best thing that every happened to my wife and I

    This is the best thing that every happened to my wife and I. Got it on recommendation from a friend and it has saved of hours and hours of uninterrupted sleep. I recommend it to everyone I know with a toddler

  • A. Crain - I own two! (A review after nearly two years.)

    I bought my first roomba 770 nearly two years ago. We had just bought a 1600+ sq. ft. condo with both wood flooring and carpet. At the time we had both a cocker spaniel and a borzoi/afghan hound mix. Let's just say, those are both VERY hairy dogs. Have you SEEN an afghan hound?? haha.

  • Victor Romero - Awsome but with one con

    This is an awsome ball, feels great to the touch, the set up becomes much easier for real I don't know how but it does, the serves get much more effect but the only thing I found not good about this ball is that beginers do not like to use it because when you are on the receiving side, the ball hurts a bit if you are not a very active player. It is soft but when receiving a spike some how it still feels hard and a bit heavy.