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  • Ocean Blue - Ninja Owner - Purchased This One as a Gift - You'll Love It !!!

    I own a Ninja and purchased this one as a gift. They are great. More power than you will need for any of your smoothies or blending needs. The three blade system is a MAJOR advantage over other blenders - it blends better than any other single blade blender !!!. The Ninjas turn ice into the flakiest snow you can imagine - great for snow cones for the kiddies. Great price too (both snow cones & the Ninja) !!!

  • Amazon Customer - Try it!

    I started off just taking one tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon for the first couple of days to get my body used to taking it. Then I increased it to two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Drinking plenty of water is essential. I have noticed a decrease in appetite and an increase in energy. I have not had a decrease in weight but have had a decrease in inches. With added exercise I know that I will reach my goals for weight loss.

  • Amazon Customer - Useful

    The week I was flying out of the country, I decided to buy this power bank. After a bit of tinkering, this turned out to be a great and useful purchase. Upon arrival, it instructs to be fully charged before usage. I connected the cable to an iPhone adapter and charged the bank for over 5 hours. There are 4 lights that estimate the level of charge and frustrated, it stayed unmoving and not charging at the 1st light. I switched the cable to my laptop to charge - no luck. I finally connected the cable to an iPad wall adapter and the power bank began to fully charge. Overall, it works great, my phone charges quickly, and I do not mind the weight of it at all.

  • L. L - A Truly "Neat Little Guide"

    A stock market ABC guide for beginners. An easy read, good enough to get your feet wet. In addition to familiarizing you with some common terminology, I believe its greatest merit lies in somewhat "demystifying" the market to the extent it looks less intimidating for laymen. As its title suggests, the book is by no means a know-how in depth, but a stepping stone for further education.

  • Mom of 2 - This stuff really works (at least for me)

    Let me just say, I have tried almost everything (only OTC) and each affect feels like I've been fighting a grizzly bear all night when I wake up. At times when I was desperate, I took NYQUIL cause I knew it was going to get me a restful night's sleep. Then BAM! the commerical (they heard my prayers)! I quickly rushed out to buy the liquid formula (2 bottles) and I have been hooked every since. Since I have taking ZzzQuil, I have taken the disclaimer to heart as being NON HABIT FORMING, I will be honest and say I cannot sleep without it. I do not suffer from insomnia, I just LOVE the way it keeps you SOUND, I mean SOUND asleep all night. I have found myself in the same position all night and woke up REFRESHED! I have heard that it does not work for everyone. But I will say this product will forever be in my medicine cabinet for the rest of my life.

  • J. Light - CALM NOW

    These capsules are easy to take with no bad smell or aftertaste. There are 60 capules in a bottle, the suggested dosage is 2 capsules with food everyday so this is a one month supply. It's important to know that St. John's Wort is an ingredient in this blend so if you take antidepressants, you need to be careful and/or check with your doctor. Obviously, supplements do work differently for every one. I am still in the early stages of taking these and I haven't felt a big difference yet, but it may take awhile. The ingredients are:

  • RZohn74 - I love this product and it's nice to know it may ...

    I love this product and it's nice to know it may help with repelling lice -- yuck! A word of caution, though, I like the smell but others not so much. We were staying with friends and their teenage daughter walked into the room where I​ was brushing my daughter's hair. The girl thought their dog had peed in the room, but it was just the herbal smell of the spray. I think it might have just been her, but my daughter was fairly mortified. Still, it works great and if it keeps the lice away, we will continue to use!