Ruthie Harper, MD - Dr. Ruthie Harper has been nationally recognized for her contribution to the science of health and beauty with SKINSHIFT skincare line.

  • Dr. Ruthie Harper Helps You Achieve Health and Wellness - Dr. Ruthie Harper helps you achieve health and wellness, pioneering the science of personal restoration with integrated health and personalize beauty.
  • Media - Ruthie Harper, MD - See Dr. Ruthie Harper talk about SKINSHIFT and explain her comprehensive integrated health approach on various prime media outlets.
  • The Laser and Skin Care Clinic - Ruthie Harper, MD - The aesthetics division of Dr. Harper's practice, The Laser and Skin Care Clinic, specializes in the latest advances in non-surgical approach to beauty!
  • Hair Loss - Ruthie Harper, MD - Ruthie Harper MD has been helping women to resolve their hair loss problems since 2000, taking a thorough approach to resolving the underlying cause.
  • Hair Loss Info. - Ruthie Harper, MD - There can be many causes that may be leading to hair issues and hair loss. Read more in depth hair loss info. to understand how hair is lost.
  • Hair Loss & Health - Ruthie Harper, MD - There are many underlying reasons for hair loss. Learn more about hair loss & health issues that may be causing hair loss.
  • Hair Loss Treatment - Ruthie Harper, MD - There are various hair loss treatment options Dr. Ruthie Harper and her staff work for a personalized approach that will work for you.
  • Treatment Options for Hair Loss - Ruthie Harper, MD - There are also many vitamins and supplements that serve as treatment options for hair loss. Consult with Dr. Ruthie Harper to learn more.
  • Hair Loss Lab Testing - Ruthie Harper, MD - With a fully integrated approach, Dr. Ruthie Harper begins her process with hair loss lab testing to get to the underlying cause of the hair loss issue.
  • Genetically Based Skincare - Ruthie Harper, MD - Recognizing this, Dr. Harper was the first scientist to develop a genetically based skincare program.
  • Beauty and Aesthetics - Ruthie Harper, MD - Improve your skin health and create beauty from the inside-out with our professional beauty and aesthetics products and programs.
  • Natural Hair Restoration - Ruthie Harper, MD - Learn more about our natural hair restoration program utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma offers a complete solution for hair restoration.
  • Laser Services - Ruthie Harper, MD - Our team provides advanced laser services and comprehensive procedures for our patients to reach optimal health & beauty.
  • Aesthetic Skincare Services - Ruthie Harper, MD - Each and every one of our professional aesthetic skincare services is designed with your health and beauty in mind.
  • Customized Skincare - Ruthie Harper, MD - Dr. Harper and her team of experts provide customized skincare and integrated health to help make a better you.
  • Total Transformation - Our Total Transformation program combines state-of-the-art laser treatments, advanced aesthetic services and scientifically advanced skin care products.
  • Body Contouring - Ruthie Harper, MD - Get bikini-ready by taking the fast track to losing excess body fat, reducing cellulite and tightening & firming your entire body with body contouring.
  • Before & After - Ruthie Harper, MD - See the results in our patient before & after pictures! These results are typical of the above procedures, although results may vary with each patient.
  • Nutritional Medicine - Ruthie Harper, MD - Nutritional Medicine Associates is an innovative medical practice focused on integrated health, personalized beauty and nutritional medicine.
  • Personalized Medicine - Ruthie Harper, MD - Dr. Ruthie Harper has established personalized medicine as the gold standard for caring for her patients.
  • Weight Loss - Ruthie Harper, MD - Dr. Harper offers the most medically advanced and successful weight loss program available today.
  • Weight Loss Program - Ruthie Harper, MD - Our customized weight loss programs are designed specifically for women and can make you lose up to 5 pounds per week.
  • Exercise - Ruthie Harper, MD - Nutritional Medicine Associates will educate you about the misconceptions of exercise in weight loss and health.
  • Whole Body Vibration - Ruthie Harper, MD - With Whole Body Vibration, you can build muscle, burn fat, improve hormonal balance, increase bone density & improve circulation in just 10 minutes per day!
  • Nutrition - Ruthie Harper, MD - Dr. Harper utilizes the best of traditional and integrative medical science to create safe & effective nutrition programs for your optimal state of health.
  • Supplements - Ruthie Harper, MD - Our practice provides you with the opportunity to feed and nourish your body with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements in the industry.

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    Amazon does this device a real disservice by mixing the reviews of the Almond+ with the Almond 2015, a similar single band router/range extender. The Almond+ dual band router is a joy. Setup was very easy, true to the 3 minute claim. I appreciate that it supports Zigbee and Z-wave sensors without the need for a dongle or hub. Pairing was fast and bug free with several GE smart light bulbs and the app allows one to establish "scenes" with multiple sensors, as well as employ "rules" (anyone remember the ancient days of Fortran?) to establish a series of actions (lights on 30 minutes before sunset, door unlocked in advance of arriving home, etc.). My only concern is the lack of documentation. For example, directions to shared control are hidden in a blog post rather than in a manual. While there is a quick start guide, it isn't specific to the Almond+ and fails to address more than initial straightforward setup. Fine tuning the many excellent features is left to the user. In this, Securifi does itself a disservice. The best advertising comes from happy customers; those with a thorough understanding of this fine and feature packed device would be the most satisfied customers of all.

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