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  • Lola - Gave me a bacterial infection and an allergic reaction.

    This product is a nightmare... It stings your eyes so badly, I had to rinse it off immediately. Gave me a terrible allergic reaction and a bacterial infection on top of it!

  • kwmar - High rating for getting a cheap renewal by buying full version on Amazon

    As long as this type of renewal is permitted, I'll buy the CD/DVD, which is cheaper than Kaspersky's renewal rate and just use the license key. If others of you are doing this, don't invite trouble by trying to install from this disk if you already have the latest version. Just plug in the activation code. Don't click 'activate now' if your current license hasn't expired yet. You will lose days. The license automatically takes effect on expiration if you put in the code and just leave it alone. It worked perfectly on my 2 computers. One other warning: Be sure that it's less than 14 days until expiration before you type in the code. If it's more, you'll lose days that way too.

  • A. Trotter - Seems to work for me

    So I've spent the past 2 years in an enviroment that got me thouroughly sick on a regular basis, and I'm now intimately familiar with the progression of irritating bugs and viruses in my body. Went home for a visit, complained about being sick all the time; my mother-in-law raved about this stuff. Whole family was there for the holidays (mostly in the one house) and fighting off a bug, I fully expected to get whatever it was as per the past couple years - I was not terrifically enthusiastic about trying a vitamin supliment instead of the usual but I like her so I tried it. I never did get sick, despite living in a house packed full of coughing, runny-nosed family. It was sort of a nice surprise. So for the past couple months, every time I get the start of a fever or the icky feeling that being sick gives me, I've popped one of these into a glass - and it goes away. It's been really nice not getting sick so much.

  • Desert Ghosts - Read Ingredients Carefully

    This was nice feeling at first but after a couple days it broke out my skin into a horrible rash, so now I have a still healing tattoo that burns like hell. I would be really careful using this especially if you have sensitive skin. I've had reactions to products with beeswax or honey in the past and its not an uncommon skin allergy, so please do a test before you use.

  • Amazon Customer - These salespeople are so good and so well trained

    These salespeople are so good and so well trained. I saw it coming, and opted to see what they had to say. Finially, said to them, you've been scammed, my intention was to see how they handled my rejection at not purchasing the product. OMG...... they were so so good, and so well trained at how to answer. Gold Elements should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  • Jengersnap - good

    Formula does work. Halts hair loss, speeds length gain of current hair. However it can cause constipation as another reviewer pointed out, so be prepared to problem solve, I drink lemon water or apple cider vinegar etc. Also, this is now 20 dollars more than what I first paid for it. Viviscal please do not get greedy.

  • lynnie - Nana Loves this stuff!!

    It's a miracle! This stuff is great! Ordered for my Granddaughter, and wish they would have had this when my little ones were growing up!