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    "The Couple Next Door" is a curious little novel. Billed as the début suspense novel of lawyer and former English teacher, Shari Lapena, it recounts the ordeal of parents, Marco and Anne Conti, following the disappearance of their six-month old baby daughter from her crib one evening while they were out at a dinner party with their neighbours. Shari Lapena clearly believes in laying all of the parts of her story out for the reader, leaving little to the imagination and explaining every minute nuance of her characters' thinking and behaviour; the result is a novel that gives a deeper than usual insights into the workings of her characters' minds but which gives disconcertingly little for readers to work out for themselves. Oddly, I found that this actually worked surprisingly well, especially at the narrative's many turning points, where the author manages to make sudden revelations and reversals seem all part of the natural order of things -- even when it rapidly becomes apparent that almost nothing in or around the Conti family actually follows most people's understanding of the natural order of things -- largely because nothing is ever really as it seems nor really fully as it is explained at the time. This really brings home just how much of a lie her characters are living most of the time, with the way this presents are 'normal' providing a good deal of food for thought.

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