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  • The Best Pilot 123 - Great/The BEST Quarter Collection Book

    This book give you quarters of the national parks from 2010 through 2021 which covers all the national park quarters. You insert the quarters into the slots and then covering them with a plastic cover. This not only protects the quarters but allows you to see both the front and the back. Also, next to each quarter, there is information about the national park and on several pages, there is history about national parks and the history of the United States quarter. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loves to collect the national park quarters. Finally, it is at a great price.

  • MrsRogers - Great extraction set!

    I have a blackhead issue and I get the clogged pores quite a bit. I'm a nurse at a dermatology clinic and we use extractors to unblock pores. I needed on for home use so when I came across this set I just had to have it.

  • Tippy - Excellent

    I think this was a great eye opener if you have doubts about our President. (I had many). I don't think anyone knows the real Obama, but this was an excellent movie depicting Mr. D'Souza's fact findings. I wish more people would have done their homework on the background of this president, like he did, and just maybe we would not be in the mess we are in now. He was not ready for a presidency, he didn't have the back ground of a true leader both mental and experience. Mr. D'Souza did an excellent job on pointing this out, I highly recommend this movie, I wish all of America would watch it.

  • Kay Sundstrom - One of the most superb and intelligent writers of this century

    One of the most superb and intelligent writers of this century, precise yet sensual in her imagery, articulate and elegant poems that blend classical illusions with details of everyday life with graces and insight.

  • julie - nice

    this item fits great in my new Escape, the quality is great and the look is what I expected, I'm glad I purchased it.