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Consultant Urologists Bay of Plenty | Urology BOP - Urology BOP with its top urologists is well known for commitment to advancing techniques and world class treatment, within a team of expert health professionals.

  • http://urobop.co.nz/about-us Urology BOP - Our Story | Urology BOP - Urology BOP is a private medical facility based in Tauranga bringing together two highly experienced and renowned urologists - Mark Fraundorfer and Peter Gilling.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/innovation-and-technology Urology BOP Innovation and Technology | Urology BOP - Urology BOP offers Brachytherapy and Cryotherapy for prostate and/or renal cancer, invented Laser Prostatectomy technology and uses the Da Vinci Robot.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/meet-the-team Meet the staff at Urology BOP | Urology BOP - Urology BOP make you feel comfortable and talk you through each stage of your journey so you never need to feel uncertain. Meet your contact person at Urology BOP.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/facilities Virtuoso Clinic and Harrington House facilities | Urology BOP - The Virtuoso Clinic and Harrington House offer next generation medical treatment and Urology BOP uses state of the art technology at Grace Hospital, Tauranga.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/media Lastest research and technological advancements | Urology BOP - Read the latest technological advancements and world class research by Peter Gilling and Mark Fraundorfer in media reports for Urology BOP.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/our-services Treatment for urological conditions | Urology BOP - Urology BOP provides state of the art treatment for prostate, kidney, testicular or bladder cancer, to urinary incontinence, vasectomies or erectile dysfunction.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/prostate-cancer Prostate cancer advice and treatment | Urology BOP Limited - All the information you need to know about prostate cancer direct from the Peter Gilling, Mark Fraundorfer and Urology Bay Of Plenty Ltd
  • http://urobop.co.nz/patients-and-families Your patient journey | Urology BOP - We ensure you feel comfortable with a clear understanding of your treatment journey from your first appointment and consultation to your treatment and follow up.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/support-services Support Services for advise and support | Urology BOP - Urology BOP makes sure you have access to all the advice you need, through our team and our close relationship with a number of Urology support groups.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/patient-privacy Patients and families privacy | Urology BOP - Urology Bay of Plenty respects your rights under the Health Information Privacy Code and the Privacy Act 1993. Any queries or concerns, please contact us.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/grace-hospital Grace Hospital Cost Estimates | Urology Bay of Plenty - You can receive an estimate for the cost of your treatment at Grace Hospital by following this link - www.gracehospital.co.nz
  • http://urobop.co.nz/health-professionals Health Professionals, Patients Support | Urology BOP - Urology BOP has close relationships with the relevant urology support groups. Useful information can be found on the following websites listed here.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/research World firsts in clinical research | Urology BOP - Tauranga urologists Peter Gilling and Mark Fraundorfer continue their involvement in various clinical trials through their company Tauranga Urology Research Limited.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/trials-currently-in-follow-up Research: Trials in follow up | Urology BOP - Current trials and follow ups by the Urology BOP team include: Synergy, Latitude, Sophiris Aqua-Ablation.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/trials-currently-seeking-applicants Urology BOP research trials seeking applicants | Urology BOP - All Urology BOP studies involve an initial screening visit where a Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form is discussed and signed to confirm participation.
  • http://urobop.co.nz/contact-us Contact Urology BOP | Urology BOP - To make an appointment with Peter or Mark or for more information: Phone (07) 579 0466 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or Email [email protected]

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