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  • Renee L - really enjoyed digging and excavating these dino bones

    girls, age 9 and 5, really enjoyed digging and excavating these dino bones. took a decent amount of time, were very interested and excited, kept them entertained for about 3 hours. was a bit messy but had them do it at kitchen table in a large sheet cake pan. dino as a model isn't that impressive, the real fun is digging it out.

  • R. Allen - Roxio must make money on something else.

    I have used Roxio Creator since it was packaged as a little program called MyDVD ver 5, under the Sonic banner. This program was the absolute bomb. Then, Sonic merged it's MyDVD with Roxio Creator and it has been downhill ever since. What a behemoth program called Creator. The renderings have gotten so cumbersome that even my 2.7 GHZ, 6GB RAM, 2GB video ram, all overclocked scream machine cannot handle. We are talking 6 hours for a 1.5 hour production that crashes at the very end of the render (Like literally takes up your machine for 6 hours then crashes). My experience over the years is each new version that comes out works for a while. Then, it starts blowing up. Stay away.

  • CritiCal - Great product, great price, and available by immediate download

    TurboTax is my tax software of choice; I've used it for years. Finding it available at Amazon for immediate download and for a lower price than other sources makes me very happy indeed! The business version is needed for filing for my mother's trust. It delivers the same result as a CPA, but costs far less and is refreshingly free of nervous breakdowns. (Long story, but a true one.)

  • Wpbeech - Rip off by manufacturer

    The product was as described. However, what I did not consider was what would happen when the floor cleaner ran out? Well, of course, you need to buy more and buy more and buy more pads and on and on and on. The internet has a recipe for replacement floor cleaner. I haven't tried it, but it seems like it would be a lot more environmentally friendly than this product.

  • J. Moore - Microsoft never fails...

    To disappoint. Any version of Office past 2003 is garbage. Take your ribbon design and... well you know what to do M$. No one likes the newer version of Office, except those who sell training manuals for us to re-learn the same mundane skills we already learned years ago. Not that I'd buy a book on Office, but many would. And given the hardcore burying job Microsoft has done with every single feature you use in each app, you'll find yourself digging and cursing when all you want to do is [insert any function that an office product does here].