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A Specialized Team Dedicated to Meeting Women's OBGYN Healthcare Needs | UT Women's Specialty Care - We specialize in obstetrics and gynecology, which includes the examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of women's health problems.

  • http://utwomensspecialtycare.org/our-practice/ Our Practice - Serving Women's OBGYN Needs | UT Women's Specialty Care - Knoxville, Tennessee's premier OBGYN practice, serving women in East Tennessee and dedicated to furthering UT Medical Center's rich tradition in quality healthcare.
  • http://utwomensspecialtycare.org/our-providers/ Knowledgeable Guidance in Women’s Healthcare | UT Women's Specialty Care - A superb team of Women's and Children's healthcare experts led by Robert F. Elder, MD.
  • http://utwomensspecialtycare.org/our-services/ Established East TN OB-GYN Practice | UT Women's Specialty Care - UT Women's Specialty offers a diverse range of services to best satisfy your OB-GYN needs. Ultrasound, Routine Obstetrical Care, Prenatal Counseling, Robotic Surgery and more.
  • http://utwomensspecialtycare.org/patients/ Patients – What to Bring | UT Women's Specialty Care - New patients and existing patients find comfort in knowing a friendly staff is ready to answer questions or concerns. Plan what to bring to your first appointment or call to ask.
  • http://utwomensspecialtycare.org/resources/ Helpful links and online resources | UT Women's Specialty Care - Learn more about Women's Healthcare, OB-GYN services, Reproductive Health, Obstetricians, Gynecologists, University of Tennessee Medical Center and more.
  • http://utwomensspecialtycare.org/health-faqs/ FAQs – Answers to your health questions | UT Women's Specialty Care - Answers about menstrual cycle, birth control, babies, weight gain, menopause, pap smears, genital HPV, mammogram, fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility and colonoscopy.

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  • Jeffery J. Campbell - It's an accounting system, what do you want?

    First off, it's not Intuit, that is a big plus. Intuit has a bad policy of snooping inside your computer to see what you are doing. You agree to it by agreeing to the User Agreement. Like you have any choice. I haven't seen any evidence of Peachtree doing anything like that.

  • AnneM - They've become a family tradition

    These are beautiful, substantial, and collectible gems. Our mother started giving each of her daughters one many years ago. After she passed away we've continued the tradition and expanded to it to other parts of our extended family.

  • Thomas J. Klaber - Best Version Yet

    I have used every version from V10 to 2011. This is a great update. The new C4D rendering kernal is great. I think will prove to be even better. Disregard people complaining that it is slow. The program is way more robust than the 12.5 version - and so if you are still using the same computer, it will run slower.

  • Steph B. - Magical Romance You Can't Miss!

    I enjoyed my first read by Katie Delahanty. The story flowed well and the characters were well developed. The magic between not only the two main characters but also their friends will leave you feeling like you are reading a fairy tale that you don't want to see come to an end.

  • aubiobeliever - I bought a couple extra for my son and my best friend.

    It actually worked !!!!! I have tried other products and homeopathic remedies but nothing really works over the counter. I added just a dab of gel and It instantly felt a cooling relief!!! the discomfort and itching stopped. I applied 3-4 times that day. the swelling went down and it actually never erupted. the cycle was only a couple days instead of a couple weeks. I bought a couple extra for my son and my best friend...and in the heat here in Arizona, the cold sores are more often... anyway...it works!!!!!! try it !!!!

  • Wayne M. - The one and only!

    I have tried and TRIED to get a case for my 6+ that I can hold on to. I have finally found it in this case. I have the clear; and it looks cool on my phone; which is only a plus! It actually has grips on the sides to help hold on to this phone. It has the cut outs and ridges in the back that also help with grip! Believe me when I say I have tried about 15 cases for this phone. This is far and above the best one. The cut outs on the back are somewhat odd; dust does get into your phone. This is not a big deal-just take the case off and clean the back of the phone and the case. It also seems like this case will withstand a drop. If I changed anything; it would be to put a stand in the back. Not a big deal. The screen protector that came for the front?! I cut it a bit and put it on the back of my phone! I have a glass screen protector on the front of the phone; so with that and this case; I feel quite protected. And did I say it looks cool?! Highly recommend-I don't have to be excessively careful holding on to this case because it is grippy! With any other case I have; I am tenuously holding on to the phone; not so with this case-cannot emphasize that enough!

  • Beth - Amberen did nothing

    I was hopeful that Amberen would help with my hot flashes (and of course, promote weight loss, etc.). However, it did absolutely nothing. I would have predicted as much, since their radio ads mention "balancing your hormones". Which hormones?