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The Bald Truth | ArtHarris.com - Art Harris' the Bald Truth is a popular news blog with attitude that counts well over a million page views its first year, and draws on three decades covering celebrity, politics, war, true crime, pop culture and Hollywood.

  • http://www.artharris.com/about-art-harris/ About Art Harris - The Bald Truth | ArtHarris.com - Art Harris...has gone from Nasirya to Neverland...from 13 years with CNN as a two-time Emmy Award-winning investigative correspondent and an embedded repor
  • http://www.artharris.com/2011/11/07/dr-conrad-murray-guilty/ Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty! No Bail! - The Bald Truth | ArtHarris.com - By Art Harris, The Bald Truth, (c) www.artharris.com, all rights reserved Jurors in the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Monday found Dr. Con
  • http://www.artharris.com/2011/11/07/dr-conrad-murray-verdict-just-in/ Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict Just In! - The Bald Truth | ArtHarris.com - Dr. Conrad Murray in Court By Art Harris, The Bald Truth, (c) www.artharris.com, all rights reserved Within minutes, the manslaughter verdict of Dr. Conrad

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  • Skleathers - hahah

    i have bought these calanders for 4 years in a row. i find them very funny and will probably continue to buy for years to come. Every month my family laughs when we turn to the new month.

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    Tried this game at Christmas at a friends house. Really liked it so decided to buy. . Just before new years I ordered, then rented from redbox so I could take my wii, and this game to my sisters house to play with offers at her party. .SO MUCH FUN! WAY better than DDR.

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    Have had the supplements for about a week and have had no issues! As a lady, it's no fun to have yeast/candida issues :( Started seeing clear up within 5-7 days. I have had reoccuring infections from about 5 years, and this had helped very much. It was so nice to see no symptoms of the candida. Would recommend. It is on the pricey side but is affective, to me it was worth the cost. I take three a day as directed. I have had no side effects of stomach pains or anything negative. Follow the directions and results occurred, at least for a yeast infection I would recommend!

  • Brian H. - Great set, decent price.

    It's Topps. I enjoy their cards. This complete set makes collecting easy, since those fun days of card collecting are gone.

  • Aaron - Very disappointed. I'll stick to my Dyson and Swiffer mop ...

    I have 1 double coated German Shepherd and few birds in my small living area. No kids. Not much mess. Just hair and bird seed.