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  • David J. Riebe - A Step Up

    Personally, I think this game has taken a huge step up from last year. The modes and the graphics are so much better. I wish they got rid of some of the guys the WWE doesnt use anymore, like Jesse and Festus. Other than that gripe I think this game is perfect. A++++++++++

  • shirley j dyer - I came across this product online and am very pleased with the results

    I have been not able to find a flea medicine that works any more, since the removal of the toxic substance was removed from all flea products due to harm to animals. I came across this product online and am very pleased with the results. I have to reapply every 3-5 days during flea season, but it is worth it. It will not harm my animals and they don't seem to mind it as much as the commercial flea products. I highly recommend this product.

  • matt - This thing runs incredibly hot.

    I bought this to replace a CIsco unit I was leasing from TWC/Charter. The speed tests are marginally less than what the leased modem performed at, but that's not a huge issue. Whet is amazing is how hot this unit gets. I'm using the Linksys supplied power supply, so that isn't the issue. Right now the unit is suspended in the air and it is still uncomfortably hot. I will definitely be powering off the unit when not in use. I am not happy it runs as hot as it does.

  • Madeline Libin - I had tried other GRE books before but was really disappointed in their concept and answer explanations

    This review book SAVED me on the GRE. I was really struggling with GRE prep, especially with the quantitative sections. The author described topics that I found really tough in a clear and cogent way. I had tried other GRE books before but was really disappointed in their concept and answer explanations. This book provided me with a really strong foundation, and wasn't just a repository of hundreds of practice questions, like so many other prep books. I used a lot of the tools learned in this book when doing practice questions and found myself actually remembering the tricks and tips presented in the book while I was taking my GRE.

  • William W - Arrived defective

    I purchased this for the novelty of the RGB feature despite my friends warning me against Razer products QC issues. I was unlucky and they were right. I received the BlackWidow Chroma with a defunct [E] button. I checked if it was a software issue with Synapse, cleared all macros, and tested it on another PC with the same results. Contacted Razer's tech support and came to the same conclusion that the keyboard was faulty and I returned it and am currently using a fully functioning Corsair k70.

  • braveskimom - Quickly and Effectively Narrow the College Search

    So many colleges, so many guides. How is a parent to choose which fat paperback to buy? Easy. Your friend, who has older kids that have successfully launched the nest, tells you "Get the Fiske Guide." And good advice it's been. Including approximately 325 of the most "selective and interesting" colleges and universities in the US and UK, this guide features tidbits from current students, as well as insight into each school's strengths and weaknesses. An easy five point rating system ranks academics, social life and quality of life.