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The Center for Care Innovations - As thought leaders, facilitators, and grantmakers, the Center for Care Innovations (CCI) hosts a collaborative search for solutions that will transform healthcare for the underserved.

  • http://www.careinnovations.org/who-we-are/ Who We Are | The Center for Care Innovations - CCI is a vital source of ideas, best practices and funding for California’s health care safety net. By bringing people and resources together, we accelerate innovations for healthy people and healthy communities.
  • http://www.careinnovations.org/who-we-are/partners/ Our Partners | The Center for Care Innovations - ​CCI partners with peers from across the field as we boldly take on, and help solve, California’s toughest community health challenges.
  • http://www.careinnovations.org/programs-grants/ Programs & Grants | The Center for Care Innovations - At CCI we are asking the big questions, like “Can we work together to make the very idea of an ‘underserved community’ a relic of the past?” and “How can safety net clinics become models to emulate?” and most importantly, “How can we build lasting health in our patients by vastly improving the health of the communities where they live?” CCI supports programs and initiatives that answer these questions in innovative ways.
  • http://www.careinnovations.org/programs-grants/innovation-network/ Innovation Network | The Center for Care Innovations - ​CCI’s Safety Net Innovation Network (SNIN) convenes key leaders and staff from health care safety net organizations to support adoption and spread of innovations that improve care delivery with the aims of better health, improved patient experience and lower costs of care.
  • http://www.careinnovations.org/programs-grants/grants/ Grant Opportunities | The Center for Care Innovations - CCI is a vital source of ideas, best practices and funding for California’s health care safety net.
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  • C. Muir - Love it!

    Great trampoline! Very safe. Easy to put together too. We've had it for a couple of months now and we are very happy with the purchase.

  • Karen - Where is the line between fact and opinion?

    This is an interesting - and controversial - book. However, it's sloppy. Some of the ideas presented are researched medical fact published in the literature. Some are suppositions based on the author's and others' clinical observations. Others are just the author's personal hunches. The problem is, the book does not really distinguish between these three categories of ideas. Despite the vast amount of medical information presented, there are hardly any citations to medical literature. This despite the fact that much of the language in the book is medical and to particularly geared towards the layperson. The sloppiness certainly led me to the conclusion that much of her claim's cannot be proven and therefore it is probably not worth the very intense amount of effort needed to follow the author's suggestions.

  • silverstardust - Didn't work for me

    I hate to write a bad review of any kind but I bought this at Wal Mart so it's probably the legitimate product. I bought it to use in a bathroom my husband uses. I was so excited to find this and had high hopes since I've tried everything I can think of to remove odor and I clean the tile floor every day. The odor is still there after using according to directions. Happy it was under 5.00.

  • Mrs. T - Best Product EVER~

    I love this stuff~ I use it on anything that is going to take a bit of scrubbing. No job too big or too small for this product. I have used it to clean baked on stuff on ovens, stove tops, scratches from metal/stains on countertops, walls, boot marks, boat surfaces to cleaning the 5th wheel.

  • Fencer - Works great

    This product is a natural way to help your child calm down and go to sleep when they have a upset stomach ( talk to a natural doctor about amounts.)

  • Pyra Destini - Wonderful lash product

    My daughter and I really like using this Castor oil. It feels great to be doing something for my lashes which help them to grow and be strong instead of mascara which probably just makes them more weak.