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  • MCSE - Just like all the others, Nothing proven outside of a lab.

    This ingredient list may contain some fancy terms but it really just contains some fairly common weight loss aids like green coffee bean, bioprene black pepper to absorb easier and other seeds and roots. The 'diet' side of the pills are the usual gamut of ingredients all claimed but never proven to be effective at weight loss. After trying them for a little over a week, maybe I lost a pound or two without much change to my routine, which is eating fairly healthy, but not too much exercise.. As far as the pills themselves, they are an acceptable size, and are easy enough to swallow. Make sure you drink plenty of water to combat some of the gas pains I experienced the first couple of times I took it. While I wish it was so easy to just take a pill, go about my day and wake up skinnier, I know in my head that exercise and diet are the real keys. Less calories in + more calories spent = weight loss. Simple as that. These may help suppress the appetite a little but I can't confirm nor deny any of their claims.

  • BP1221 - Keeps falling off of my big head!

    I like this item, I have been trying to use it for the last 3 nights. I gave it four stars because the item description is very accurate, and the chin strap is very comfortable on my face. I have a full beard, and an awkward shaped head due to brain surgery, so This chin strap keeps slipping off of my head while I sleep. I do not know what to try next to be able to keep it on all night. I have tried tightening the velcro a bit, but my scar is sensitive to pressure.