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Optimal health through nutrition and healthy lifestyle: Morning By Morning! - Optimal health can be yours! We are your source for nutrition and healthy lifestyle solutions and services, highly bioavailable nutritional supplements and personal nutritional counseling. Morning by Morning, we encourage, assure, coach and counsel on your journey to health. We provide resources for natural healing through nutrition, attitude, toxin removal, undoing the wrong, rest, exercise, sunshine, clean air, and water. Lowest internet prices. Be in good health

  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/about-us.aspx Network Solutions E-Commerce Web Site - About Us - At Morning By Morning, our mission is to educate, assure,and encourage people on their journey to health and well-being. We emphasize a daily commitment and the faithfulness of God. We teach biblical principles for all aspects of total health and use natural treatments and therapies to deliver the energy and nutrients to the body that will allow the body to restore health.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/naturesown.aspx Nature's Own Pathway to Health - Health is a journey that begins and ends with nutrition and includes healthy lifestyle, faith, hope, and love. We can help you with the daily commitment, coaching, assurance, and feedback for well-being and vitality through nature's own pathway to health. Baseline and improvement measures of digestion, assimilation, and indicators of metabolic balance. Measure results, resolve problems, enable changes to achieve the optimal health your body can express.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/nutritionalsupplements.aspx Nutrition - Supplements - Nutrition may be the most powerful preventive medicine. Virtually everyone can gain vitality and benefit from nutrition and nutritional support. Professional Individualized nutritional support can energize your body's natural processes for digestion, weight management, strengthened immune system and metabolic balance that contribute to optimal health and well-being. We provide nutritional counseling, nutritional support, and coaching for your good health.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/attitude.aspx Attitude affects our health - What you are eating may not be as important as what is eating you. Toxic emotion has no purpose and no redeeming value. It adds stress to the toxic load that plagues the well-being of the body. Anger, bitterness, and not offering forgiveness add to the toxic load that plagues the body's ability to express health. Laughter reduces stress, boosts immunity, decreases levels of epinephrine and dopamine, and releases endorphins. Laughter is free, legal, and has no adverse health consequences.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/toxinremovalsolutions.aspx Getting latent toxins out - Toxic input does not get a free ride through your digestive system. It takes energy for your body to process, store, or expel toxins. Detox is a natural and ongoing process for the healthy body and involves cleansing, rebuilding, and maintaining health. Toxins are eliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, and skin.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/undothewrong.aspx Undo the Wrong - To resolve problems and enable change for health you may need nutrition, a coach to encourage your good health decisions, and a commitment to turn away from old habits and embrace a new healthy lifestyle.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/restsleepsolutions.aspx Rest and Sleep - Rest and sleep are essential for life, for healing, and for maintenance of health. Lack of proper rest takes it's toll on the body, and the need for rest is particularly crucial when our bodies are under siege from foreign invaders. Restlessness and anxiety can rob the body of the time it needs to cleanse, rest, and replenish. Our diet, level of health, lifestyle, and relationships may affect our need for and ability to rest and sleep.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/exercisesolutions.aspx Exercise, rebounder, trampoline, improve circulation - The heart is strengthened and benefits from exercise by slowing the resting pulse rate, higher exercise pulse rate, larger stroke volume, and improved ability to extract oxygen from the blood. Our bodies were designed to be physically active and they do not function properly without daily activity. A rebounder (personal sized trampoline) gives a good workout for the lymphatic system and can improve circulation.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/sunshinesolutions.aspx Sunshine - Sunshine, in moderation, is a good thing. Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight. Limited exposure to the sun can be a healing therapy. The body makes vitamin D free of charge. No prescription required.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/pureairsolutions.aspx Oxygen - Pure Air - Nothing is more essential to life than air. You may live without food for more than a week, and without water for a few days, but your time without air is measured in seconds. Clean air is a critical resource for maintaining life and health. Air pollution can make you sick. It can cause itchy, burning eyes, nose, and throat, trouble breathing, and some of the chemicals in polluted air can cause cancer, birth defects, and long-term injury to the lungs, respiratory passages and other systems.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/purewatersolutions.aspx Water - filtration /Purification - Pure water is essential to optimal health. Water is used by the body for every chemical or metabolic function it performs to maintain life. Water comes from food, metabolism of food, and fluid intake. More water is needed if consuming processed, incomplete foods, non-food additives, drugs, medications, tobacco,soft drinks, coffee, tea, or alcohol and more water is also needed if fasting, and for the elimination of toxins.
  • http://www.morningbymorning.com/nutrition-diet.aspx Nutrition - Diet - Ideally, nutrients should come from the diet. If a person's digestion, assimilation, and metabolism of nutrients are compromised, specific nutritional supplementation and support may be required until health and balance are reestablished. We can help measure your baseline nutrient level and body chemistry, and recommend a nutritional care plan to meet your specific needs.

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  • Kevin S. - This Shampoo makes my sad head of hair look good day-in and day-out

    I've tried about every shampoo product I can think of. From the mega-pricey ones they push on you at the salon to the bottom shelf at the grocery store. My head has been spared nothing, but for some reason never had this stuff. It's the jam. Just a little bit and whammo! My fine head of 'always a bad hair day' strands look freakin' good. Nice even. Shiny and alive. It's like magic and smells good.

  • Donald E. Fulton - Great for brass and coins

    When I bought a badly tarnished old brass telegraph key, I tried out several brass cleaners, and this was by far the best. It not only cleans it shines, it doesn't scratch, it's not messy, it smells good, doesn't hurt your hands, and washes off completely with soap and warm water. Sure you got to rub, but in a restoration watching the shine emerge is part of the fun.

  • C. Goodwin - Can't regsiter online = no downloadable content

    The description of this product does not mention that you need to register with vtech and run their "Learning Lodge" software to get the extra games, watch faces and backgrounds. Problem is that vtech has shut down their registration system and Learning Lodge apps due to a recent hacking incident - http://www.vtechda.com/store/llestore_v2/index.html?country=US&language=eng&pid=1716. They should clearly state that fact in the current product description. Seems like parts of it may be back in "mid January" but not holding my breath and meanwhile, my daughter was very disappointed on Christmas.

  • HollaRobRob - Waterproof Storage Option

    This review is for the Ohuhu Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Carrier Roof Top Bag, Rain-proof & Fire-proof 15 Cubic Feet. This is a great item to have when traveling. The bag is designed to fit either atop your vehicle or along a rear hitch. A series of six Velcro straps are affixed to the carrier on its bottom and secure it to a bar. I have also found a use for it on my deck, since it is waterproof. I have added chairs, charcoal and other seasonal items to it and I have room to spare. This is a good option for storing household items out of doors securely. The fabric is quite durable; my dog was curious about the new addition to our deck and took several swipes at it with her claws. Her destructive efforts did not leave a scratch.

  • Nancy - HOLEY HOSE

    I really wanted to love this hose to replace a too heavy, too kinky hose. Even though some reviewers indicated problems, I decided to go ahead and order from Amazon anyway. It arrived quickly and well packaged. After unwinding and unscrewing the old hose, I attached this hose and wound it on the hose reel, attached the sprayer and turned it on to have water spray from two holes in the body of the hose and only a trickle come out of the hose end. How disappointing. Well now I was wet and muddy and I had to unwind the hose, clean it off and wind it up to fit back in the box for return shipment. Well I am an elderly woman and found this whole procedure difficult and messy. I have to say that the return was very easy and I got my refund with no problem. I'm still using the too heavy, too kinky old hose that at least doesn't leak.

  • kate - This is labeled as pure jojoba oil and it is ...

    This is labeled as pure jojoba oil and it is not. Jojoba is way down on the list of ingredients and this product also contains a number of known carcinogens.

  • budd - the picture is awesome, however it was thought that the 'curved' TV ...

    haa hope alls well. the picture is awesome, however it was thought that the 'curved' TV would show the picture 'great' from All angles. My mistake. the only way you see an awesome picture is directly in front of the TV, oomph!