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  • N. Ashburner - Callaway Org 14x Cart Bag

    Great cart bag, really can store everything you want in this bag. I wish the clubs had more space, or a better lining as I have arthritis and use oversize hand grips on my clubs that make it a little difficult sometimes to get the clubs back in the bag.

  • Chiquita S. - Big Apple Flavors

    My most favorite Snapple Flavor ever! Served ice cold taste like biting into a Sweet Crisp Fuji Apple. Doesn't have the traditional Apple Juice Taste but IMO ITS WAY BETTER. While pregnant with my youngest I drank two of these a day. Thank Goodness for Amazon because it can be hard to find in stores

  • David D - Horrible Product

    Do not buy this product very cheap and thin. The bottom piece where you plug in your charger broke with out even putting it on a Iphone as the 7 has not come out yet.

  • Lacey Starner - Nothing but STATIC!

    Once we changed our original antenna on our Jeep Wrangler, to this one, we lost all of our big Denver channels, it was impossible to pick them up (which usually come in very clear!) We couldn't even tune in to local stations if we were next to any sort of building or under a tree. VERY disappointed...

  • Trevor J Jacobs - Great lessons and an okay read

    Business fiction isn't very good literature (contrived situation, stilted dialog, etc.), but it's a great way to convey information. I learned a lot about constraint management from this book, and mostly enjoyed it. Which is more than I can say about most business books I've read.

  • Christina M. Crowe - Great Product!

    I've been looking for a product to protect my hair when using a straightener. Not only does CHI Silk Infusion protect my hair from breakage, but it also leaves it feeling smooth and soft. This is a great product and I highly recommend it!

  • Cindy Gray - Great refreshing tool

    Great refreshing tool; easy to use. Having the CD enables you to always have the reference tool available without carrying the book. Have used on many occasions. Would order again for future Excel versions.