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  • https://www.tenthacrefarm.com/2016/05/make-a-circle-garden-for-the-beauty-and-low-maintenance/ Make a Circle Garden for Beauty and Low-Maintenance | Tenth Acre Farm - A circular-shaped garden can be used to grow edibles in a beautiful setting. While pleasing to the eye, the design may also reduce labor. Here are some tips for designing your own edible circle garden.
  • https://www.tenthacrefarm.com/2016/05/step-to-the-beet-growing-and-harvesting-beets-year-round-plus-delicious-beet-recipes-for-the-beet-hater/ Step to the Beet: Growing and Harvesting Beets Year-Round, Plus Delicious Beet Recipes for the Beet-Hater | Tenth Acre Farm - Beets are a nutrition powerhouse and an efficient way to grow healthy produce. With the tips in this article, you'll be growing your own in no time. Afraid to try beets? These delicious recipes are sure to please the beet-hater.

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  • Carmela Bendetta - You don't have to skimp to eat healthy!

    Easy to follow recipes with beautiful illustrations. I like the Skinnytaste cookbooks because she doesn't use obscure/hard to find ingredients. I haven't been disappointed yet. Try the chicken cacciatore - delicious!

  • Rhyno - So far, so good...!!

    I am in meetings all day long, but i am also a big gym guy, so a product like this seemed to make a lot of sense for me to try. And because I did recieve the product for a discount, it even made more sense to me. This supplement arrived very quickly and was well packaged. I was somewhat skeptical about it at first, but thought, it can't hurt to try it, right? So I tried it. I have been taking it as directed for about week or so now. "Improves memory and brain function." Is a pretty subjective statement and I can't say that it has made any remarkable improvements in that category. I didn't forget to pick my kid up from football practice, true, but as I said- it is hard to evaluate that sort of claim. However- I have had no side effects either - no issues with digestion; no upset stomach or the like. Since dementia runs on both sides of my family I think this pill is worth the small investment to help me to prevent not knowing my friends and family later on. ( although there are some people I would like to forget.) Since it can't hurt, it can only help and it is affordable I am more than happy to continue to use this and I am happy to suggest it to others.

  • Jocelyn Sherbahn - I love the way it feels when you spread it on ...

    I love the way it feels when you spread it on your skin, and the scent is wonderful, the scent does become less strong after a few minutes. It does feel as though it will be sticky right after you rub it on your skin, but within just a little bit, it is absorbed and not sticky or greasy at all. I cannot attest as to whether it actually removes stretch marks, as with any product, you can't expect it to perform a miracle within a couple weeks of use, but I do know that it has definitely improved the texture of my skin, and I will continue to use it. I was provided with a discount to purchase, try out, and give my honest opinion.

  • DJANS - Nice pre-workout

    This is a really nice pre-workout. It give you that little extra boost you need to get you through your workout without feeling jittery. Love it! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Amazon Customer - I did not notice any strong 'plastic' smell like other customers had reported

    Arrived in a LARGE box, was not bent or rolled. I did not notice any strong 'plastic' smell like other customers had reported. I have only been using it for about a week, but no concerns yet. Would recommend and would purchase again.

  • Barbara Johnstone - OK for a pocket edition.

    Quite useful, on the whole, although some information that I would expect in a full-blown (rather than pocket) edition is missing. For example, directions for getting to the "Big Buddha" don't tell you which way (ferry or subway) to get to the island if you want to take the gondola up. I liked the small size but I would have preferred fewer (even no) pictures and more details.

  • maria v - energized granny :)

    I bought this 4 my 82 yr old grandma & she absolutely loves it! She's been making shakes with strawberries & bananas & she said she feels energized 2 do tasks around the house that she normally doesn't have energy 4, so i'm recommending it 2 ppl who need a boost, & it's supposed 2 have a lot of good health benefits as well!