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  • Amazon Customer - Love it. Lots of extra room to write things

    Love it. Lots of extra room to write things. Helps me organize and plan things I wouldn't think of otherwise. Well done.

  • Mel's Mrs. - Good book, except for...

    As a wife of 25 years, I thought this was a great book, except for a few really bad parts... I found the parts about being a player absolutely revolting, and disrespectful to women making us sound like objects. p 191-2 Is this book not addressing MARRIED MEN? That part is for junkyard dogs!

  • Austin D. - Great for just over half a year...

    Worked great while it lasted, but died after 7 short months. For the price, it was awesome because it has a Gigabit WAN port, able to do PAT for some services behind my router, setup private and guest wireless, and setup a SMB share using a 3TB external HDD hooked directly up to the router. However, the router will only stay online for approximately 90 seconds now before rebooting in an endless cycle. The lifespan on this particular one was unexpectedly low and unsatisfying. Reaching out to ASUS for a warranty replacement, but will most likely be looking for a new router this weekend...

  • Nickiy - I want more

    Wow the perfect solution under my kitchen cabinet. The motion detector works well. I like the fact that the adhesive attaches to a magnet which makes it easy to take off and charge. The other positive is that it charges no plug or batteries needed. The light is bright enough to light up the dark spot in my kitchen. I like this product so much I want one for my bathroom and my upstairs hallway. This product would also be very useful in a dark closet. Worth every penny!!!!!

  • Texas - and so far I like what I see

    My Crock-Pot arrived a week ago, and so far I like what I see. While I'm cooking up my first batch of organic plain yogurt (yum), here are some pro's & con's on the unit:

  • Paul - mopar

    This product is very nice. The directions for this were sorta complex but if you follow step by step you shouldnt have a problem putting them in. They work perfectly and adjust to your turn signal. I ordered them 1 day shiping and didnt get them for 2 days but hey they make up for it. So 5 stars for this one.