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  • Dennis W. Pagel II - Great for dry hair

    Wife loves this and would recommend this product for others with dry hair. Don't hesitate. It's cheaper than other sites

  • Tiffanie Rector - Fits and works but cheap quality

    Mediocre. Kit is cheap and broke when removing to change some wires. Unfortunately only option I can fint but at less than $10 if you install it once it works good, jsut dont expect the tabs to not break.

  • Aria - Grateful for this book!

    When I heard about Earthing a year and a half ago, I read a lot of reviews of this book. A few reviews said the book was just a promotion of products the author's company had for sale. I didn't buy the book then because of those reviews. I did recently buy and read it and wish I had done it when I first heard of it early last year. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone who actually read the book could say that, because there is no pushing of products in this book. Yes, you do learn a company was formed to sell products to use to get grounded while indoors, but it is mentioned where appropriate, there is not even any encouragement to buy them, and the book is information, not a sales job.

  • L. Greene - Just OK

    I finished this book because I always do. In the beginning it held promise. In the end it didn't. The descriptions of the sex diminished the story somehow and threw it into the category of a soap opera. Gary and Juliette could have been fleshed out and would have made the book more interesting.

  • Richard P. Jensen - A real All Star group!

    Great performances of excellent songs. Weakest spots are Ringo doing his own stuff, but still fun. Strong performances especially by Lukather & Rollie.

  • SirataXero - These headphones are very nice. They stay on your head very well and ...

    These headphones are very nice. They stay on your head very well and very strongly. The little rubber band on top top wrap around your ear is actually very sturdy. It keeps the buds on your head and on your ear. The Bluetooth on this thing is very good and it's very reliable. I had no issues pairing it initially and then repairing it every single time by just turning the headphones on each time. My only issue is with this sound quality problem that these headphones have. Unfortunately the sound quality is a bit tinny and muffled. The sound doesn't really give off the quality and wholesome done that I've come to expect from Bluetooth headphones. However they are decent for the price and very well built.