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  • Dr A. - Customer service is horrible

    I purchased the product today. When installing, a window came up explaining that I was recently billed for the payroll service. It said to call them at an 866 number to be credited back. I called the number which has a message that gives a website and promptly hangs up. I try the website and find no obvious help. A help box comes up and gives me an 800 number that has the same message and hangs up.

  • Nicky from New Zealand - Don't be sucked in by the dark skinned lady

    Was expecting great things from this product and although it has clearly improved from earlier reviews as the smell of the product is now a pleasant citrus fragrance and the colour of the tan is no longer orange, the shade of tan is nothing like the advertisements. It takes layers and layers, day after day of applying the lotion to notice a slight difference in skin colour and even then it is very subtle. Nothing like the shots of the very dark skinned lady on the advertisement.....although I didn't really want that result but some immediate colour change would have been good.

  • Kimberly Walker - Works for me

    I started using this after extreme loss of hair after surgery. I use it along with the conditioner and it does really well. My hair is soft and strong. Noticed less fall out and breakage. After shampoo hair does feel dry and "weird" but once you do the conditioner step it's perfect.

  • J. Curry - My husband's favorite kitchen accessory

    This mandolin replaced half a dozen slicers and other accessories in our kitchen. Super sharp, it can quickly reduce anything into thin slivers. We've used it for all our garden produce - tomatoes, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, etc. Changing the thickness takes just a twist of the gear underneath; the large circular apparatus on top is placed on top of whatever you're slicing to hold it in place (and save your fingers). The price is a little high, but we've found it well worth it.

  • MikeB - Just didn't work

    I received the sewing machine exactly on time and was hopeful that everything would be fine. I gave it as a gift and the recipient tried to use the machine. It would not accept thread using the procedures as outlined. She tried many times and finally took it to a sewing machine repair shop to see what was wrong. She was told that the machine was out of time and that it would cost $100 to repair it with no guarantee that it would continue to work for any extended period. He said that Singer is not the Singer company of old. The new Singer is made in China of less that good quality parts.

  • Comet - Heartburn and Childhood Asthma Cure!

    I have had asthma since I was 3 years old, and started getting acid reflux symptoms when I was about 15 or so (I'm 30 now). I got fed up with taking both advair and whatever heartburn med I was on at the time (most recently, prevacid). The meds worked, but I was worried about long term side effects, so I bought this book. He suggests increasing your stomach acid to reduce heartburn symptoms (counter intuitive, I know, but brilliant) and argues why turning off your acid production is a bad solution. He also talks about the link between gerd and childhood asthma. Anyway, one of the first recommendations he makes on how to treat yourself is bitters. I bought nature made swedish bitters, and it worked wonders. I never had to progress to his later recommendation of HCL. If the bitters work, then he seems to prefer that option.

  • Arianne Russ - I love you Aunt Jackie

    This is the only product I trust for my 3 year olds hair. She is mixed and this gives her hair the moisture it needs while helping it continue to grow.