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  • Juarezal03 - Don't waste your money on the other stuff

    Don't waste your money on the other stuff. This stuff works. If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, you need 2 packs.

  • mike - In just a few hours my hair was suddenly soft!

    For years I’ve battled my hair. It never looked healthy and would just fall lifelessly over my shoulder as a crown of frizz formed. I was always embarrassed of it and would douse it down in hairspray to keep me from looking like Weird Al. Recently my hairdresser informed me that those years of hairspray did a number on it. Mainly it was the denatured alcohol that was drying it out and making it dull and lifeless. Taking his advice I switched to shampoos with Argan oil that would strengthen and nourish my hair, and used a ‘breakage defense’ conditioner in an effort to undo the damage. This seemed to help and pulled my hair from looking from dead and lifeless to lazy. There was now some shine in it, but it didn’t quite look perky and healthy.

  • Nancy McKinney - Why I use Juice Plus

    I have been using this product for approximately 10 years to boost my immune system and minimize effects of allergens. This is first purchase from amazon. I feel better and sick less often.

  • Ann W. Turner - Great Book!

    This is essential reading, I believe, for those of us struggling with arthritis. He gives the background; makes recommendations for life-choises and diet; and thoroughly examines the claims of various supplements, recommending which ones actually have the right amount of active ingredients.

  • Amazon Customer - An Engaging Collection of Stories

    I find these 'Best Of' short story collections are always a worthwhile read, though my enjoyment varies depending on how my taste lines up with the editor's. I liked that this edition of The O. Henry Prize Stories was drawn from a wide variety of literary journals (the most recent Best American Short Stories, in contrast, drew one-fourth of its stories from The New Yorker).