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  • Ecnarf - Worth every penny

    I've been taking Cellfood for over a year now. I first came across it at Whole Foods. I was browsing the vitamin section and, while waiting to be helped, I looked down at the counter and saw these bottles of Cellfood staring up at me. Oddly enough, I was drawn to this stuff. I kept coming back to that display and reading the description of what it was and how it worked. I wasn't willing to fork over nearly $30 for that little bottle, but the Whole Foods guy that was helping me saw how interested I was in it, so he gave me a booklet that went into quite a bit of detail about how it worked. I took it home, read it, and then went online and found it for a little less money (@ the Vitamin Shoppe), so I decided to try it.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome case! Protects phone and screen perfectly.

    I have loved this case. It has protected my phone very well. I am very active throughout my week and since purchasing I have dropped my phone a half dozen times. Not a single scratch or mark on my phone and the screen never cracked either.

  • Dr.Mike - hair hair hair

    Just like my review of the the vinegar nutritive rinse. this product has slowed the natural thinning that comes with age. I've used it for 3 years now and my hairdresser remarked that my hair was looking healthy and thicker over the long term.

  • Jason B. Davis - A book fitting for a King!

    Arnie was and is one of my most heroes! This parting gift of a final book was wonderful and one that I could read many times over! Highly recommended! RIP, Arnie!

  • Johnny - Almost perfect

    I have tried most thermogenics on the market and consider myself pretty versed in their temperaments. My friends call me a caffeine junkie just because I have a high tolerance for anything to affect me. This has been the only product I have repeatedly bought. It last without peaking or dropping off. The only negative affect I found was this feeling I've heard described in a sci-fi movie of astronauts on Mars: very cold, "chills" feeling in the outside but warm and toasty on the inside. Fun affect. Does a great job in removing the guilt of last night's taco bell binge.